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The word "trimotor" in example sentences

Mostly these competitors were corporate-funded, multi-engine aircraft, and they tended toward the luxurious: A Sikorski trimotor was outfitted with a meal of roast Long Island duck, to be consumed upon arrival in Paris. ❋ Dan Ford (2011)

Spanish engineer and inventor Juan de la Cierva was one of the first to decide that adding a rotor to an ordinary airplane could make it safer, a goal he set for himself in 1919 after a trimotor plane he had designed stalled and crashed. ❋ Richard Whittle (2010)

The aircraft was a German trimotor Fokker, a frame of steel covered with corrugated sheets of aluminum. ❋ Wade Davis (1996)

Two weeks later Schultes was lifted out of La Pedrera by yet another trimotor Fokker, this time one with floats. ❋ Wade Davis (1996)

The plane that made the run to Tres Esquinas, a trimotor Fokker on floats, could carry four passengers. ❋ Wade Davis (1996)

There was therefore no question that he knew how to handle the TWA Fokker trimotor aircraft that departed from Kansas City, only a little delayed on the stormy evening of March 31, 1931. ❋ Unknown (2009)

r the North Pole; he would be a passenger in a massive Fokker trimotor plane while professional pilots handled the controls. ❋ Unknown (2010)

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