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Hyphenation N/A
Pronunciations /ˈtʌmbl̩d/

Definitions and meanings of "Tumbled"

What do we mean by tumbled?

To fall end over end; to roll over and over.

To perform gymnastics such as somersaults, rolls, and handsprings.

To drop rapidly.

To smoothe and polish, e.g., gemstones or pebbles, by means of a rotating tumbler.

To have sexual intercourse.

To move or rush in a headlong or uncontrolled way.

To muss, to make disorderly; to tousle or rumple.

(cryptocurrency) To obscure the audit trail of funds by means of a tumbler.

Verb: fell, (her/him) had sex with, especially anywhere except in bed. Urban Dictionary

The act of spending one's time on Tumblr. Urban Dictionary

"Tumble" is a slang word used by Kenilworthians (those from Kenilworth, UK), and is said when someone makes a joke that nobody laughs at. The word originates from the way that in TV shows and Films, when somebody makes a bad joke a piece of tumbleweed rolls past. The word tumble can also be used to describe someone who makes bad jokes, or someone who is generally perceived as a bit of a "loser". Also, a situation which didn't go as planned can be described as a "tumble". Other uses of the term include: Tumble Beg - Someone who makes bad jokes, is perceived as a loser, and begs it off girls and/or begs it for popularity. Yeeeuuuurrrrr a teeeuuuummmmbbbbllleeeeeee - Used to proceed "Bing"... "Bong". Urban Dictionary

Sex ... pure unadulterated sex. Urban Dictionary

The act of having sexual intercourse Urban Dictionary

Has intercourse. Sex. Fucking. Getting Laid. Urban Dictionary

Basically, a full blown, unadulterated fuck really. Urban Dictionary

When two people mess around on a bed or couch by tickling, poking, pinching, or any manner of playful physical contact in a loving, fun manner. Urban Dictionary

A person who can flip; like in cheerleading. AKA backhandsprings, tucks, layouts, fulls; etc. Urban Dictionary

Flipping upside down... Boys and girls tumble just for fun. People also tumble in sports such as cheerleading, gymnastics and power tumbling. Urban Dictionary

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The word "tumbled" in example sentences

The word tumbled from his lips as he fell behind the dumpster and darkness began to invade his vision. ❋ Nane Quartay (2008)

Two more traditional powers tumbled from the rankings, too, with Penn State and Southern California joining the Longhorns in the others receiving votes. ❋ AP (2010)

The Longhorns not only tumbled from the top, but fell completely out of the rankings by losing 10 of their last 17 games. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Then my addled brain tumbled in sequence to fried pork skins, which are a fantastic snack food. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Seattle has tumbled from the league's elite level four seasons after making its maiden voyage to the Super Bowl. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The orbiting satellites tumbled from the sky, blazing a trail to earth like fireflies. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The annual survey of 55 top economists shows confidence has tumbled from a year ago. ❋ Not A Sheep (2008)

It was not the pseudo-Lincoln, whose limp body tumbled from the balcony to the orchestra below, following the dropped Derringer replica that Lincoln had stolen from the bound and gagged actor in the alley. ❋ Unknown (2008)

For the first time since we†™ ve been tracking data, San Francisco tumbled from the top five, resting at number six. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Flowering vines tumbled from the tiny balcons* and the scent of fermenting grapes permeated the air as local cellars processed the recent harvest. ❋ Unknown (2006)


[Not much] [just] [tumbling]. ❋ PerogiXW1 (2011)

Hugh: Pablo ur a [fathead]! *Everybody laughs* Pablo: I got more rolls than [the bakers dozen] G. *Nobody laughs* Hugh: [Tumble]. ------------------- Luca: That kid is such a nerd, look at him with his shiny shoes! Matt: Yeah mate, what a [tumble]. ------------------- Swagdon 1: Crap. Something is wrong with my cell phone. Slagdon: Oh really? What's wrong with it? Swagdon 1: Its just that...your numbers not in it. Swagdon 2: Tumble Beg. ------------------- Lewis: Bing Rory: Bong Lewis: Yeeeuuuurrrrr a teeeuuuummmmbbbbllleeeeeee ❋ WooKyWi (2013)

[fancy] a tumble?? ❋ Anything You Want It To Be ;) (2003)

[Garret] was totally [tumbling] with [Jalen]. ❋ IsoSickle (2014)

"[Look at that] guy, [I bet] he [tumbles] great." ❋ FridayKittie (2019)

"[Allo] love, [Fancy] a [tumble]?" ❋ LauraJanehaha (2009)

"So what do you want to do tonight honey?" "Watch some TV and go to bed, probably." "Nooo! Why don't we play some cards or *[tumble] around for a while!" "[Alrighty then], [tumbling] it is!" *Alternate forms of [Tumbling] can be used openly ❋ LaNeesh (2010)

[Robby] goes to tumbling every [Tuesday], he is [not good] at all. HAHA ❋ Kuhn Dawg. (2008)

Person 1: What is [tumbling]? Person 2: Backhandsprings, cartwheels, roundoffs, [tucks], [fulls], doubles, ect... ❋ The Tumbler (2012)

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