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In naval architecture, the tumblehome is the narrowing of a ship's hull with greater distance above the water-line. Expressed more technically, it is present when the beam at the uppermost deck is less than the maximum beam of the vessel. The opposite of tumblehome is flare. A small amount of tumblehome is normal in many designs in order to allow any small projections at deck level to clear wharves..

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Definitions of "tumblehome"

  • The inward curve of a ship's topsides. noun
  • The inward curve of the topsides of some ship hulls. noun

The word "tumblehome" in example sentences

They feature composite materials, an electric-drive propulsion and an unconventional "tumblehome" hull.. [City]

The Flex's boxy body -- which I find attractive (but my wife hates) -- has a lot more cargo room than the tumblehome greenhouse of the Lincoln.. [2010 Lincoln MKT: Towing with EcoBoost]

The Flex's boxy body -- which I find attractive but my wife hates -- has a lot more cargo room than the tumblehome greenhouse of the Lincoln.. [2010 Lincoln MKT: Towing with EcoBoost]

Other shallops were more bowl-shaped with rounded bows, molded sides and tumblehome.. [Champlain's Dream]

This time next week, I will tell all of my faithful readers what the following are: beakhead knightheads scantlings (sounds like a nice title for a novel ...) tumblehome (so does that) bulwark. [Archive 2006-06-01]

However, the has-relief engraving was still hidden from view by the tumblehome of the cliff.. [The Seventh Scroll]

A fair try at a tumblehome you made, for a first ever - but do you so still, without a cannon at your bum, or my blade? '. [The Gates of Noon]

Captain Bampfylde climbed the Cavalier's tumblehome.. [Sharpe's Siege]

Above Sharpe now, water dripping from its lower rungs, was a tumblehome ladder leading to the main deck.. [Sharpe's Siege]

He likes the freeboard he incorporates into his craft; believes his foam-core ribs provide a balance of stiffness and durability; thinks paddlers will find his colorful Kevlar and carbon finishes attractive; and believes he has settled on the proper amount of tumblehome to allow for ease of paddling.. [StarTribune.com rss feed]

This car comes from an era of no tumblehome and doors that are closer to five inches thick than the solid 8-10 inches seen in modern cars.. [The Truth About Cars]

Not a fan of Cadillac's new look, he ordered that the STS 'greenhouse be redone to add tumblehome-even though such a major change late in the process cost tens of millions of dollars.. [The Truth About Cars]

Motor Trend notes, "The 9-5's new front-end styling features projector-style headlamps set in a unique matte-black housing," but adds the "nose and tail fail to hide its long-in-the tooth styling and the doors and tumblehome remain unchanged (and are showing their wrinkles).". [The Car Connection]

It appears as though we've got an upright windshield, a formal front A-pillar and a sloping tumblehome which looks to retain a hatchback, all classic Saab cues.. [Jalopnik]

The sides of the greenhouse have been made more vertical than the concepts 'inward-sloping tumblehome.. [Autoblog]

Alternatively, someone with a very large schnoz. knightheads* - the select couple of blokes who have to stay awake all night SOBER in case of anchor drag or enemy attack. scantlings - any unappetising dish of food cobbled together from the scraps and leftovers of other meals. tumblehome - any place on the ship one can safely curl up and sleep after drinking too much rum and not making it back to one's cabin. bulwark - an impudent crew member (usually young or of low status) who makes a habit of starting fights he can't possibly win.. [Learning about boats]

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