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Definitions and meanings of "Tuxedos"

What do we mean by tuxedos?

A typically black formal jacket worn by men.

The entire suit complementing and including this jacket.

What penguins wear. Urban Dictionary

Usually a formal wear used to attend fancy parties, funerals, prom and other fancy events. Often worn by men. Urban Dictionary

Condom. Urban Dictionary

When having sex with a black girl in the missionary position, you pull out before ejaculating and shoot a white load up her stomach and chest, thus giving the appearance of a tuxedo. Urban Dictionary

To be hitting on a girl that's out of your league, or a girl who is already in a relationship with someone else. Urban Dictionary

A combination ensemble of a Jean shirt and a pair of orange tab Levi's Urban Dictionary

The Tuxedo terrorist is a man In the game team fortress 2 that is the 9th class. He goes around with a knife skin thinking the same rules from csgo apply to tf2 and try's to head shot people across the map with the amby, because he never read the jungle inferno patch notes. If somehow succsessful in such feats, he gets on the ground and does a lobster dance and screams random weaboo quotes for all masked backstabers are french weaboos. Urban Dictionary

Wearing a sweatshirt or long sleeve t-shirt with shorts and sandals, sometimes accompanied by a frosty cold beer. This combination of clothing allows for maximum heat to be retained during the transition of the seasons between summer and fall, while at the same time allowing for a level of temperature control with the legs and feet being uncovered. Typically is seen during the time between the summer and the fall but can also be seen during the time between the spring and the summer. The beer in this ensemble is often referred to as the pocket square. Beer, like a pocket square in a standard tuxedo, is often not necessary but when its present everyone know you mean business. Urban Dictionary

When a man wears a sportcoat or blazer with jeans. Urban Dictionary

A Dutch Tuxedo is a self induced condition in which you have farted in a coat, jump suit, snow suit, etc you are currently wearing. Your fart gets trapped and has only one place to escape: the neck opening. The fart is released directly into your own face. Urban Dictionary

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The word "tuxedos" in example sentences

At a black-tie event, the men dress in tuxedos or dark suits and the women wear fancy dresses. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The building wasn't pyramid shaped - it was an enormous shiny glass rectangle - and the audience was packed, the guests were in tuxedos, the food at the private reception was top-notch, and a very distinguished delegation came from Japan. ❋ Lou Anders (2007)

The Fox Theatre intact, with its winged golden lions at the entrance; intact, too, the Wright houses and Orchestra Hall, where people go in tuxedos to a doomsday environment. ❋ Bernard-Henri L (2005)

The cinema was full of well-dressed people in tuxedos and expensive dresses and we grabbed a seat down the front, me in my black Film Threat tee shirt and Dave in his black leather jacket (I am sitting laughing here as I recall this) and Jack Daniel’s sweatshirt. ❋ Unknown (2003)

All of us are well dressed; the two tall men in tuxedos, I in a floor-length, pale gray, long-sleeved column of crepe de chine by Armani. ❋ Unknown (1999)

Reed and Sue's wedding, with con-exclusive Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in tuxedos. ❋ Unknown (2009)

They all went out of here fully dressed and most of them in tuxedos. ❋ Unknown (2001)

That means a new reason for Britons to worry about the dilution of their culture, a new burden on parents 'pocketbooks, and new businesses selling prom essentials such as tuxedos and corsages. ❋ Isabella Lisk (2008)

The biggest hit of the night was the modeling of the wedding dresses and "tuxedos": both in the modern style - white dress for the woman, black suit for the man - as well as the traditional style, which is similar to the silk red dresses worn by some of the women PCVs at swear-in, and a sort of hybrid between a standard tuxedo and that of a red plaid cowboy scarf with a matching Scottish kilt. ❋ Phil Razem (2007)

Sheet music for many songs, such as the famous “Zip Coon,” showed black “dandies” in top hats and tuxedos and “dandizettes” in elaborate gowns. ❋ Thaddeus Russell (2010)

Her dark leathery skin is made from the tuxedos of the dashing suitors she's presumably destroyed. ❋ ArtScene (2011)

That's fine, but what keeps this show from being nothing much more than historical nostalgia Mallary died in 1997 are his sinister figures made from resin-impregnated tuxedos and steel armatures, which could take on one of Louise Bourgeois's spiders. ❋ ArtScene (2011)

For men wedding attire was much simpler: morning dress was de rigeuer, though an etiquette manual published in the late 1890s detailed the declining fashion for morning wear by American men, who increasingly appeared at weddings – bridegroom or not – in tuxedos. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Japanese socialites were also participating in lavish balls in Western-style evening gowns and tuxedos. ❋ Unknown (2010)

[Hey look] over there! That [penguin] must have the [coolest] Tuxedo! ❋ Whojadaddy (2009)

"[Hey] [nice] Tuxedo!" ❋ Apex Predator Claude (2014)

Oh [I hope] you still have that [tuxedo] because you'll be [needing] one tonight. ❋ Skatunerd (2019)

I [took] [this girl] home last night and gave her a [tuxedo]! ❋ Cheesy Balls McGee (2006)

[Trent] was pulling a [tuxedo] at the [canteen] today Dave "Travis! Check out this tuxedo" Travis: "Yeah, i can see it from over here" ❋ That_guy_from_over_there (2011)

I went to [a bar] in [Texas] and every dude was [wearing] a Dallas Tuxedo! ❋ Will Bitten (2016)

*Heavaly armed [russian man] gets [backstabbed]* The French rapist from the 6th known fairy tale, also known as the Tuxedo Terrorist: [Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru] ❋ MrMtHood (2018)

[DG]: Woke up this morning and it was a brisk 60 degrees....totally broke out the [KG tuxedo]. KG: Very nice, did you remember your [pocket square]? DG: To early to break out the pocket square, maybe later tonight. ❋ See You Next Tuesday (2011)

Yeah, since it was a company jeans day, my buddy was thinking he'd go with a [canadien] [tuxedo] for his meeting with the CEO, but his wife told him he should at least wear a [Missouri Tuxedo] to avoid looking like a douche. ❋ Torque Boy (2011)

You: Dude i just [ripped one] and it [shot out] the neck hole of my coat directly [in my face]!! Sick!! Me: Nice Dutch Tuxedo you got there!! ❋ EazyNutz (2010)

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