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Definitions of "twins"

  • Plural form of twin. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of twin. verb

The word "twins" in example sentences

Why does Smith set up the circumstances of Irie's pregnancy so that it will be impossible for her to know which of the twins is the child's father?. [White Teeth by Zadie Smith: Questions]

EVA KOR, HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) was running up and down, yelling in German, "twins," (SPEAKING IN GERMAN).. [CNN Transcript Jan 26, 2005]

The difference in fetal weight between the twins is predictive of outcome.. [Twin Reversed Arterial Perfusion Sequence and Bipolar Cord]

The relationship between twins is at the heart of Last Will, so I explored this niche market and found several twin review sites and one fantastic indie bookstore dedicated to all things twin (DoubleUp Books).. [Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » A No-Regrets-Pre-Pub Push]

The Sedin twins (re-signed with Canucks): As this is being written, Vancouver Canucks general manager Mike Gillis is heading to Sweden in what appears to be a final attempt to keep left wing Daniel and center Henrik Sedin.. [Most popular: 25 free agents who'll draw plenty of interest]

The Tar Heels also bring in twins David and Travis Wear, 6-9 post players that will add frontcourt depth.. [North Carolina still stocked despite likely exodus]

The Sedin twins, Henrik and Daniel, would like to stay together, so a team that can afford both might have an edge.. [Even with unclear cap future, 2009 free agents should do well]

Since our last name is 'Eggers' we referred to the twins a 'Baby Eggies,' said the expectant mom.. [Couples throw 'reveal parties' to divulge unborn baby's gender]

All the world over the cause of twins is mainly because of drugs.. [Boing Boing]

I've done long lists of twins in previous years, here in 2008, here in 2006 and here in 2002; and a few months back I discovered that another of my twins is Valentine Strasser, who became military ruler of Sierra Leone just after our 25th birthday.. [Nebula Watch]

I had a terrible pregnancy experience - okay, stillborn twins is a bit more than a terrible pregnancy experience - and am now an adoptive parent.. [Abortion Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry | Her Bad Mother]

They had spent the last few years at secondary school carefully carving out their own identities, separated for the first time and making their own friends; now they were known as the twins again, this time on a global scale.. [Life after Harry Potter]

It cannot guarantee sweet dreams (or a hunky boyfriend like Brad Pitt for snuggling), but the nightgown worn by Angelina Jolie in the People spread featuring her newborn twins is proving a hot commodity for designer Eileen West.. [Fashion Forward: Blanchett is bright in Armani's Black Lace makeup]

The other popular method of separating the twins is by splitting things up along a possible/impossible axis.. [MIND MELD: Today's SF Authors Define Science Fiction (Part 2)]

(AP) - Roberto Luongo and the Sedin twins have the Vancouver Canucks looking as though they might be a force in the playoffs.. []

The Sedin twins each assisted on that goal, and then combined to give the Canucks a 2-0 lead 6: 50 into the second.. []

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