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Definitions of "two"

  • The cardinal number equal to the sum of 1 + 1. noun
  • The second in a set or sequence. noun
  • Something having two parts, units, or members, especially a playing card, the face of a die, or a domino with two pips. noun
  • A two-dollar bill. noun
  • (in two) Into two separate parts; in half. idiom
  • One and one; twice one: a cardinal numeral.
  • The number which consists of one and one. noun
  • A symbol representing this number, as 2, II, or ii. noun
  • A group consisting of two individuals; a duality; a pair. noun
  • The sum of one and one; the number next greater than one, and next less than three; two units or objects. noun
  • A symbol representing two units, as 2, II., or ii. noun
  • asunder; into two parts; in halves; in twain; as, cut in two. noun
  • One and one; twice one. adjective
  • a phrase often used indefinitely for a small number. adjective
  • Describing a set or group with two components. noun
  • The digit/figure 2. noun
  • A two-dollar bill. noun
  • A child aged two. noun
  • The playing cards featuring two pips. noun

The word "two" in example sentences

AT the last rehearsal of "Joanna," Mr. Wild, the prompter, asked the author for an order to admit two friends to the boxes; and whether Mr. Cumberland was thinking of the probable proceeds of his play, or whether his anxiety otherwise bewildered him, cannot be ascertained; but he wrote, instead of the usual "two to the boxes" -- "admit _two pounds two_.". [The Jest Book The Choicest Anecdotes and Sayings]

A friend of mine who had two (I think it was actually *two*) abortions in Air Force hospitals (despite the "pro-choice" insistence that making abortion illegal prevents safe abortions for those who need them) because of tubal pregnancies did NOT feel guilty over having them.. [Suing your own abortionist for making you witness the murder of your accidentally delivered child.]

Thus Albert is quick to point out that Avicebron in the Fons vitae is “the only [philosopher] who says that from one simple principle two [things] must immediately proceed in the order of nature, since the number ˜two™ follows upon unity.”. [Binarium Famosissimum]

The virtue of this conception is that it explains how two or more people can be said to be thinking of the same abstract object, such as the number ˜two,™ and how various properties, such as the Pythagorean Theorem, can be said to follow logically from the idea of a right triangle.. [Malebranche's Theory of Ideas and Vision in God]

We have two performances a year and right now we are smack dab in the middle of our BIG show..two nights long... we had our first performance last night and are gearing up for tonight.... [Of Tights and Tutus]

I've said that if your play is longer than two hours, maybe you should figure out exactly what you're saying and maybe write * two* plays.. [wake up!]

  But they had a new two engine,  two man craft capable of staying aloft from dawn to dusk.. [Lord Conrads Crusade]

Of the 22 stories gathered here, two are new; three first appeared in _EQMM, _six in _AHMM, _two in _Analog, _seven in other mystery or SF magazines, and two in original anthologies.. [Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine]

Of the 22 stories gathered here, two are new; three first appeared in _EQMM, _six in _AHMM, _two in _Analog, _seven in other mystery or SF magazines, and two in original anthologies.. [Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine]

Yet instead of sensibly contrasting two irreconcilable ends of a half-century, half a world apart, Mr. Spender laments of the poets surviving Vietnam (as opposed to the survivors of Verdun) that only "one or two… is an exception in having ambitions which derive from an idea of poetry based on past examples… which exercise claims on the future.". [Cultural Barbarians?]

Thus an exercise of two movements will be repeated at _one, two_; one of four movements will require four counts, etc.. [Military Instructors Manual]

Even though we were as "like as two peas in a pod," it is well to note that the two peas are _two_ spheres -- nature has made them separate and distinct despite their close resemblance.. [Cosmic Consciousness]

Hence the native, as he counted one pair, two pairs, etc., might readily say _one_, _two_, and so on, omitting the word "pair" altogether.. [The Number Concept Its Origin and Development]

I do not remember to have read any account of the battle; but, as I have heard from the lips of one who gained his information from the officer before alluded to, the particulars were these: -- General Mansell, with a force consisting of two squadrons of the 15th Hussars, and one squadron of the German Legion, _two hundred and seventy-two_ in all, charged a body of the French army, _ten thousand_ strong.. [Notes and Queries, Number 192, July 2, 1853 A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc]

Once in two weeks each man has a bath, which he has to take in _two minutes_.. [Shelled by an Unseen Foe]

Meantime the prelates had met, and had resolved that, instead of embracing a discussion of the entire field of controversy between the two churches, the conference should be restricted to _two_ points -- the nature of the church and the sacraments.. [The Rise of the Hugenots, Vol. 1 (of 2)]

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