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Hyphenation type
Pronunciations /taɪp/

Definitions and meanings of "Type"

What do we mean by type?

A number of people or things having in common traits or characteristics that distinguish them as a group or class: synonym: kind. noun

A person or thing having the features of a group or class. noun

An example or a model having the ideal features of a group or class; an embodiment. noun

A person regarded as exemplifying a particular profession, rank, or social group. noun

A figure, representation, or symbol of something to come, such as an event in the Old Testament that is believed to foreshadow another in the New Testament. noun

The type specimen, type species, or type genus, which serves as the basis for the name of a species, genus, or family. noun

A small block of metal or wood bearing a raised letter or character on the upper end that leaves a printed impression when inked and pressed on paper. noun

Such pieces considered as a group. noun

Printed or typewritten characters; print. noun

A size or style of printed or typewritten characters; a typeface. noun

A pattern, a design, or an image impressed or stamped onto the face of a coin. noun

To write (something) using a typewriter. intransitive verb

To input (something) manually on an electronic device, especially by using a keyboard. intransitive verb

To assign to a category; classify or characterize. intransitive verb

To determine the antigenic characteristics of (a blood or tissue sample). intransitive verb

To typecast. intransitive verb

A grouping based on shared characteristics; a class.

An individual considered typical of its class, one regarded as typifying a certain profession, environment, etc.

An individual that represents the ideal for its class; an embodiment.

A letter or character used for printing, historically a cast or engraved block.

Something, often a specimen, selected as an objective anchor to connect a scientific name to a taxon; this need not be representative or typical.

Preferred sort of person; sort of person that one is attracted to.

A blood group.

(corpus linguistics) A word that occurs in a text or corpus irrespective of how many times it occurs, as opposed to a token.

An event or person that prefigures or foreshadows a later event - commonly an Old Testament event linked to Christian times.

A tag attached to variables and values used in determining which kinds of value can be used in which situations; a data type.

The original object, or class of objects, scene, face, or conception, which becomes the subject of a copy; especially, the design on the face of a medal or a coin.

A simple compound, used as a mode or pattern to which other compounds are conveniently regarded as being related, and from which they may be actually or theoretically derived.

A part of the partition of the object domain of a logical theory (which due to the existence of such partition, would be called a typed theory). (Note: this corresponds to the notion of "data type" in computing theory.)

Synonyms and Antonyms for Type

The word "type" in example sentences

Langibout is _le type pur de l'ancienne école_; Madame Gervaisais, too, is _un exemple et un type_ of the intellectual _bourgeoise_ of ❋ Edmond De Goncourt (1859)

And when I post things on here, I'm always thinking 'will that sit right with everyone else, cause they're AS, so they would probably like something like this ... * type type type*' as apposed to 'this is me, I hope you like who I am, shame if you don't'. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Where Type = @type if only one type is ok, more one is error example: ❋ Unknown (2009)

And since convertibles are pretty rare in your code, you have cars be sedans by default. class Car attr_reader: type def initialize (type =: sedan) @type = type end def door_count case type when: convertible when: sedan end end def go_forward end end ❋ Unknown (2009)

Useful to construct a custom format, such as % ICON { "% URLPARAM {type} %" format = "$icon $type is a $description file"} % ❋ Unknown (2009)

Converts a text string into an enumerated text of the type specified by _type. and if you're Dynamics Ax is configured in English, this code will work fine. ❋ Unknown (2009)

$type = 'topic_id'; break; default: trigger_error ( 'No type defined'); ❋ Unknown (2010)

"SELECT [category], [value], [type] FROM [categories] WHERE ([type] = @type)" ❋ Unknown (2008)

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What does type mean?

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