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Definitions of "unabashed"

  • Not disconcerted or embarrassed; poised. adjective
  • Not concealed or disguised; obvious: unabashed disgust. adjective
  • Not disconcerted or embarrassed. adjective
  • That are not concealed or disguised, or not eliciting shame. adjective
  • Not abashed; not confused with shame or by modesty.
  • not embarrassed adjective

The word "unabashed" in example sentences

Furthermore, even the most innocuous posts about Israel attract trolls who frequently engage in unabashed Jew-baiting.. [Global Voices in English » Lebanon: Academics and Bloggers Call for Israel Boycott]

This time, we follow the fortunes of four people who lock themselves inside a shopping mall to get away from the marauding dead and who then immerse themselves in unabashed consumerism, taking what they want from an array of clothing and jewelry shops, making gourmet meals, etc.. [Dawn of the Dead (original) | BuyZombie.com]

Leaving behind reproductive matters entirely, the site also indulged in unabashed sexual advocacy, offering a 411 on oral sex.. [Are You There God? It's Me, Monica]

His fellow All-Stars from both teams watched in unabashed admiration.. [USATODAY.com - All-Star Game ends in 7-7 tie]

The highlight of President Bush’s European tour may well be his visit on Sunday to this tiny country, one of the few places left where he can bask in unabashed pro-American sentiment without a protester in sight.. [Someone Likes Him]

"Who needs it?" called the unabashed Fran, looking over the banisters.. [Fran]

And on this evening success stood at his back, patting him on the shoulder and telling him that he was making good, so that he could afford to laugh and make laughter and remain unabashed.. [Chapter 27]

It made me feel the kind of unabashed music-listening-joy that my first exposure to The Go!. [Dirty White (Music (For Robots))]

One need look no further than President Bush to witness the kind of unabashed greed that's driven the deficit so high.. [Gut and Run]

The Betar did take on some fascist characteristics, such as unabashed militarism and the cult of the leader.. [Poles and Jews: An Exchange]

Just when one takes him to have offered strong arguments for mathematical realism, one finds Gardner writing that his "unabashed" realism is held for mainly "emotional reasons;" his only other announced ground for being a realist is the "efficiency" of the language of realism.. [Facing Up to Realism]

But in more general terms, they both expressed the same kind of unabashed fanboy enthusiasm for the pop culture they love that also drives the. [EW.com: Today's Latest Headlines]

Cleveland, however, has pinned an unhealthy amount of civic pride on keeping James in a uniform with its name across the front and would react to his decision to stay with the kind of unabashed love that other cities don't really trade in.. [NBC New York - Top Stories]

That kind of unabashed, youthful tautness just wreaks havoc on their self-esteem.. [RVABlogs]

That thing, that kind of unabashed, undeserved self confidence that is really funny to watch someone play with.. [The IESB]

I mean, I ran for very specific reasons, which first, I thought we were living in a time of unprecedented prosperity in this country and we could afford to do some things that would make us stronger in long term in terms of investing in education and health, in countering poverty in this country, and also it was kind of unabashed appeal to idealism, to the belief that good can triumph over bad and that principle can defeat expediency, and I think that I could have done a better job of getting those messages out than I did.. [CNN Transcript - CNN Late Edition: Lynne Cheney Discusses Hollywood Violence; Bill Bradley Talks Presidential Politics; What Role Will Gender Gap Play in Election? - September 17, 2000]

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Organic Traffics

Trumps off the Cuff Remarks that turn out to be Fictitious, Should be a Crime Against Democracy! His Presidency sh…


@ReaganBattalion: 1. In our America, one is innocent until proven guilty. 2. What makes you think we ‘support’ Trump? 3. An unabashe…


@ReaganBattalion: 1. In our America, one is innocent until proven guilty. 2. What makes you think we ‘support’ Trump? 3. An unabashe…


Richard E. Grant’s unabashed delight at his nomination is a joy to watch.


@dreamtheaternet: "An unabashed return to the hook-laden heaviness of 1992’s Images And Words and 1994’s Awake" Thank you @MetalHammer!…

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