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Definitions of "unaccurate"

  • Not accurate. adjective
  • Inaccurate. adjective
  • Inaccurate.

The word "unaccurate" in example sentences

The more pull back weight equals a flatter shot but it also causes you to be more unaccurate.. [Im buying a new bow this summer.]

However, they claimed that the study that showed that about 600,000 Iraqis were killed as a result of their invasion of Iraq was unaccurate!. [The Greatest Blunder in British History « Antiwar.com Blog]

That's terrible unaccurate, mainly because it ignores bilingial areas. hedwig. [Language Map of Europe]

UMmmmm i dont understand whats goin of with this. uh i guess fixing an unaccurate rifle is done at the range with everything you need to sight in your gun ..... [Fixing an Inaccurate Rifle]

Bye Bill ... thanks for interjecting rasce, lies, unaccurate facts, the unability to do math and so much more to your legacy .... [Bill Clinton: This could be the 'last day']

What that company did , in the USA is considered " smart business " : you call a 3 % difference in efficiency as " significant ", you manipulate the scientific research results data , and you conduct an agressive marketing campaign based on false / unaccurate informations.. [Anti-Social Contracts]

So, someone could walk in and buy a membership if this is unaccurate, someone correct us.. [placing odds on the next king of alberta...]

And how much our perceptions altered the "unibiased truth" of what really happend, because I firmly know my side of the story, but I'm also a reasonable person willing to accept the fact that perceptions can be unaccurate and biased as well.. [lily-white Diary Entry]

-- Sir -- I write you for the purpose of putting you right with respect to a point on which you seem to have got hold of an unaccurate version of a matter which I may say I have some slight connection with.. [The Giant's Robe]

So unaccurate is it, in all its productions, even in those which seem most neat, that if examin'd with an organ more acute then that by which they were made, the more we see of their _shape_, the less appearance will there be of their _beauty_: whereas in the works of. [Micrographia Some Physiological Descriptions of Minute Bodies Made by Magnifying Glasses with Observations and Inquiries Thereupon]

I totally agree with you guys seeing my problem of high rates and unaccurate/high currency rate differences and inexistant support, but I have to tell you why I don’t think this is going to happen unless someone offers a whole lota money to them -. [StumbleUpon Beats Skype In Escaping EBay’s Clutches]

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Organic Traffics

@Vazniyy known in community part is unaccurate


@Helooowww @alex_hunter146 Cause I care about Jkw. If I was him, I will sack the minister. Every trader laughed w…


@karlamixtw22fs: @RoyalDickie You can keep some thoughts to yourself, especially when you know some will maybe cause a shitty and unaccu…


@RoyalDickie You can keep some thoughts to yourself, especially when you know some will maybe cause a shitty and unaccurate headline


@OneEyeBlackJack @Twenty1314 @thehill Bro I'm a political science undergrad and what you say is 100% unaccurate. Ob…

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