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What does the word unaesthetic mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word unaesthetic in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with unaesthetic and anagrams of unaesthetic.

Definitions of "unaesthetic"

  • Not aesthetic. adjective
  • violating aesthetic canons or requirements; deficient in tastefulness or beauty adjective

The word "unaesthetic" in example sentences

I was swiftly scolded for my tone: “unbusinesslike, unmannerly, and just plain unaesthetic.”. [Scents & Sensibility]

Less forgivable than the unaesthetic are the mercenary.. [The Golden Poppy]

They have been called the unaesthetic, as well as the lower, senses; but the propriety of these epithets, which is undeniable, is due not to any intrinsic sensuality or baseness of these senses, but to the function which they happen to have in our experience.. [The Sense of Beauty Being the Outlines of Aesthetic Theory]

The compound’s architectural theme could best be described as unaesthetic industrial.. [Deception Plan]

But like I said, if you look at how we allocate representation — in a zero sum dynamic dominated by elected officials choosing who gets to vote for ‘em — and the only thing that troubles you is how unaesthetic the lines are, or whether a Shays can keep getting re-elected, well …. ’nuff said.. [Matthew Yglesias » Little Evidence to Support Gerrymandering-Polarization Link]

Even after watching video of his curiously unaesthetic Pakistan abode, viewing and listening to his messianic recordings, reading his statements and the accounts by others of his actions and life, it's still hard to know exactly how far-sighted a figure bin Laden was.. [William Bradley: Afghan War at 10, 9/11 at 10+: Did Osama bin Laden Win After All?]

“To what do I owe the inestimable honor of your visit to our filthy, ugly, and pitifully unaesthetic police head quarters?”. [Archive 2010-02-01]

Likewise her feminine eye took in the clothes he wore, the cheap and unaesthetic cut, the wrinkling of the coat across the shoulders, and the series of wrinkles in the sleeves that advertised bulging biceps muscles.. [Chapter 1]

Pondering the nature of addiction, which he's flirted with and which now has Midge firmly in its icy grip, seeing its rather unaesthetic manifestation before him, he writes about tobacco, a product that "never improves, causes illness, and makes people unhappy.". [William Bradley: Mad Men : Nothing Like a Little Lemonade to Rinse the Smoke From One's Eyes]

Now, everyone likes to see their name in larger fonts, and marketing likes to see the book title in big letters, but it seems to me to block the spaceship in a slightly unaesthetic way.. [August 24th, 2008]

One couple -- he's Danish and he's Greek (yes, unmarried same-sexers) -- did declare unaesthetic and wanting attention one of the basins in which debris, including four abandoned balls, floated.. [David Finkle: Hot Time Summer in the City]

From a marketing standpoint, I get the idea, but then again just changing the spelling but keeping the same name phonetically is lazy, uncreative and in this case visually unaesthetic.. [SciFi Changes Its Name to "SyFy"]

This was followed by the push for men to get their body hair removed, driven by the brainwashing bit about how men's body hair is unaesthetic, and "icky".. [Year Around Feminine Fashions]

"People are allowed to be stupid, wrong, and different in their own special way, no matter how lame, outdated, trendy or unaesthetic it may be.". [Bicycle Market Outlook: Nerve-Racking, with Chance of Fenders]

People are allowed to be stupid, wrong, and different in their own special way, no matter how lame, outdated, trendy or unaesthetic it may be.. [Bicycle Market Outlook: Nerve-Racking, with Chance of Fenders]

They care about GW because it harms Gaia.... or rather disrespects Gaia or relates to her in an unaesthetic mannner.. ["The Optimum Population Trust... says each baby born in Britain will... burn carbon roughly equivalent to 2½ acres of old-growth oak woodland...."]

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