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Definitions and meanings of "Unanalyzable"

What do we mean by unanalyzable?

Difficult or impossible to analyze. adjective

Alternative spelling of unanalysable. adjective

Representing the furthest possible extent of analysis or division into parts adjective

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The word "unanalyzable" in example sentences

But over all and through all poured the flame of her -- the unanalyzable something that was fire and that was the soul of her, that lay mellow-warm or blazed in her eyes, that sprayed the cheeks of her, that distended the nostrils, that curled the lip, or, when the lip was in repose, that was still there in the lip, the lip palpitant with its presence. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Anatomizing a temple, though, like interpreting a hieroglyph, risks missing the unanalyzable spirit of the thing, its beautiful and hazardous play in a time we can never know. ❋ Richard Bangs (2011)

This occlusion at the very heart of things is the engine that produces the unanalyzable, unspeakable, enchanted thing called "Byronism" itself. ❋ Unknown (2008)

She refers to him a few other times in ways that imply she's somehow ambivalent -- as in her comment that "maybe he's unanalyzable." ❋ Unknown (2010)

Completely unanalyzable and thus, if not bogus, certainly foreign just like its most direct comparison, Φuipa 'Phoibe', loaned from Doric Φοίβα. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Although Reid points to certain characteristics of memory (i.e., that the object must be in the past, that it provides immediate knowledge, that the thing remembered is distinct from the remembrance of it, etc), he seems to hold that it is in the end unanalyzable. ❋ Senor, Thomas D. (2009)

To call memory “unanalyzable” in the sense Reid has in mind is to say that it cannot be analyzed or reduced to component parts, at least not over and above its characterization as direct knowledge of the past. ❋ Senor, Thomas D. (2009)

So the most plausible interpretation is that memory is unanalyzable. ❋ Senor, Thomas D. (2009)

And Wittgenstein later noted that claims like ˜This is red™ and ˜This is yellow™ presented difficulties for his earlier view: if the indicated propositions are unanalyzable, and thus logically independent, each should be compatible with the other; but at least so far, no one has provided a plausible analysis that accounts for the apparent impeccabilty of ˜This is red, so this is not yellow™. ❋ Pietroski, Paul (2009)

And possibly, successes of revivals -- new plays and tuners as well -- are, in the last analysis, unanalyzable, gorgeous flukes. ❋ Unknown (2009)

No matter how cruel or silly or immature his lines were -- his innate decency just came through and complicated and raised the comedy up to art in all sorts of unanalyzable ways. ❋ Unknown (2008)

They hold that here, as in quantum mechanics, we find a brute unanalyzable probabilistic dispositional property of a particular item, which generates the long run relative frequencies. ❋ Rosenberg, Alexander (2008)

Regardless of the merits of this isolation test, it remains unclear exactly why Moore finds the concept of intrinsic goodness to be unanalyzable. ❋ Zimmerman, Michael J. (2007)

This doctrine about truth is, of course, to be understood as the analogue for truth of the doctrine that Moore held about good, namely that good is a simple, unanalyzable quality. ❋ Stoljar, Daniel (2007)

After all, what could be more inflationary than thinking that truth is a property of a proposition that is unanalyzable? ❋ Stoljar, Daniel (2007)

There seems to be a pattern of failure, which might suggest that causation is simply unanalyzable. ❋ Schaffer, Jonathan (2007)

Richard Cartwright describes the view as follows: "a true proposition is one that has a certain simple unanalyzable property, and a false proposition is one that lacks the property" (1987, p. 73). ❋ Stoljar, Daniel (2007)

For every one there are certain types, certain faces and forms, gestures, voices and intonations that have that inexplicable unanalyzable quality. ❋ Herbert George (2006)

Furthermore, taking up an idea familiar to readers of Moore, the property of truth is a simple unanalyzable property. ❋ Glanzberg, Michael (2006)

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