Definitions and meanings of "Unbelt"

What do we mean by unbelt?

To remove a belt

To relax, unwind

The word "unbelt" in example sentences

How to use unbelt in a sentence? Example sentences with the unbelt, a sentence example for unbelt, and how to make unbelt in sample sentence, how do I use the word unbelt in a sentence? How do you spell unbelt in a sentence?

He'd been forced to unbelt to reach the controls, however; while Kirk was thrown against the bulkhead in the passengers' cabin, Sulu suffered a similar fate up front. ❋ Julia Ecklar (2000)

I could smell the musky scent of him that made me want to pull him from his thoughts into the border, unbelt him and let the plaid fall from his shoulders, pull down my bodice and press my breasts against him, take him down half-naked and wholly roused among the damp green plants, and force him from his thoughts to mine. ❋ Gabaldon, Diana (1997)

"You may now unbelt the hands of the Lady Tutina, " I said to Louise. ❋ Norman, John (1985)

He began to unbelt his wherhide jacket before he released the riding strap and noticed that Menolly was as quick to strip helmet, gloves and jacket. ❋ McCaffrey, Anne, 1926- (1979)

In the early stages of the game he depended almost entirely on his fast ball but later began to unbelt a few curves which had the right sort of a fold to them. ❋ Edwin L. Miller (N/A)

Elucidate forthwith, Benny -- in the vernacular, unbelt. ❋ Alden Charles Noble (N/A)

George's uncle was in Monte Carlo, and had written George that he would come to London and unbelt; but it struck me that a far better plan was for George to go to his uncle at ❋ Unknown (1928)

So they had to invent one excuse after another to keep Aunt Elvira from seein 'him, all the while givin' her tales about how he was soon to break into the divinity school; hoping, of course, that Aunty would get tired of waitin 'and begin to unbelt. ❋ Sewell Ford (1907)

This Boy is so busy regulating both Parties and both Leagues that when it comes time for his Brood to take an Outing, some ignorant Outsider has to step in and unbelt. ❋ George Ade (1905)

“It may be unpleasant for you to make him unbelt, but you’re a coward if you don’t! ❋ Unknown (1899)

Decker said it would be "next to impossible to escape," out a window after a crash should you have to wait and hold your breath for someone else to first unbelt themselves and then swim out through the window. ❋ By Alisha Morrissey And Moira Baird (2009)

No impatience would be expressed as the SUV at the front of the line stopped at the alcove and the driver hopped down from the front seat; none as she (usually but not always, either Mom or the nanny) came around to the passenger side to unbelt the cargo with a cheery wave to the vehicle behind; none as she greeted the welcome teacher (this morning it was Mavis Potemkin, one of the team-teaching second-grade pair); certainly no one would express vehicular urgency as the parent straightened the Patagonia backpack on the child’s shoulders (the backpack must be an approved backpack: while the $79.99 JanSport would do in a pinch, a good parent really ought to spring for the $109 Patagonia number); no one in line would be so gauche as to rev a three-hundred-horsepower engine as the parent checked the water bottle (children must be properly hydrated at all times); and then, perhaps most important of all, as the line of idling SUVs pumped remorseless cubic meters of carbon monoxide into the hot morning air, no impatience would be expressed as the parent escorted the Precious Cargo thirty feet across the gravel and through the doorway of Fielding Hall. ❋ Unknown (2003)

"I don't want to butt in on a family conclave, but my advice, if asked, would be to unbelt before the shooting begins. ❋ Unknown (1928)

What does unbelt mean?

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