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What does the word undated mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word undated in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with undated and anagrams of undated.

Definitions of "undated"

  • Not marked with or showing a date: an undated letter; an undated portrait. adjective
  • Being such as to have long-lasting appeal without ever going out of style: a classic, undated dress. adjective
  • not marked with a date adjective
  • of a style that will not go out of fashion; a classic adjective
  • Rising and falling in waves toward the margin, as a leaf; waved. adjective
  • Not dated; having no date; of unknown age. adjective
  • Not dated; having no date: as, an undated letter or bill.
  • Having a waved surface; rising and falling in waves toward the margin, as a leaf; waved. Also undate.
  • In heraldry, same as undé.
  • In botany, same as undulate.
  • not bearing a date adjective

The word "undated" in example sentences

It's an interesting, unpretentious, receptive personal literary experiment (pdf excerpt here), and Halliday's surprise takeaway is how remarkably, vibrantly "undated" most of the contents of Hudson Review summer '63 are.. [Tributes and Tributaries: James Wolcott]

There are several copies listed in both places as "undated" and "reprints" -- I'm avoiding these, since while it's quite likely that they might be clearable, I'm not taking risks on this search.. [The Project Gutenberg FAQ 2002]

The new set of booklets are undated, meaning they can be used every year.. [Christian Today]

Saif al-Adel is pictured in an undated file handout photo from the FBI.. [Al-Qaida in the midst of fierce succession battle]

The “post mortem” flavour of the Red and Blue Jackies of July – August 1964, in particular, largely derives from the fact that Andy started with the cover photograph of an undated official 50¢ White House souvenir booklet entitled Jacqueline Kennedy, First Lady: Her Fashions, Her Home, Her Words.. [Archive 2009-01-01]

In her undated recommendation of eliminations for 1932's "Red Headed Woman," starring Jean Harlow as a randy stenographer, the professional viewer invoked sisterhood of a kind in laying blame for the film's inappropriateness at the feet of director Jack Conway rather than Harlow.. [The Storm Before the Calm]

Facebook An undated photo of Levi Aron Detectives following video leads traced Mr. Aron to the dentist's office, which determined Wednesday that the suspect had paid a bill with a credit card at about 5:30 p.m.. [Missing Brooklyn Boy Found Dead]

Kevin B. McManus relaxes with a cigar by a pool in an undated photo.. [kevin mcmanus]

The document, which was undated but appeared to be drafted before October 20, estimated that under tested scenarios, "there is sufficient liquidity to manage through one month under a severe stress event.". [Jon Corzine Said To Have Known About Misuse Of MF Global Customer Funds]

Associated Press This undated photo made available by CNN, shows Piers Morgan, left, host of 'Piers Morgan Tonight' interviewing Condoleeza Rice.. [CNN's Morgan Tries to Fend Off Scrutiny]

Metropolitan Police Ms. Choudhry, in an undated image, is said to have followed Mr. Awlaki.. [Awlaki Role Seen in U.K. Stabbing]

The Instituto Nacional de Migracion website says, it is claimed (undated, with emphasis of various parts not in original):. [FM2 vs. FM3]

This undated handout image provided by NASA, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, shows a small smudge, center, that astronomers believe is the oldest thing they have ever seen, light from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.. [Oldest Galaxy Discovered From 13.1 Billion Years Ago, Astronomers Say (PHOTO)]

An unsigned, undated memo, revealing no secrets and simply seeking to avoid budget cuts, is nothing to complain about that seriously.. [Henry J. Stern: The Pete Grannis Dismissal: A New Low]

This undated handout photo provided by National Geographic shows a wine press, behind which an archaeological identification kit is placed, In Armenia.. [PHOTOS: Earliest Known Winery Discovered In Armenian Cave]

First are two breviaries, both published in Venice, one dating from ca. 1477 and the other from about that date but undated.. [Fifteenth-Century Dominican Breviary in Digital Form]

Undated Translates

TurkishUndated English to Turkish Translate
s. tarihsiz.s. tarihsiz.

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@DPRK_News: US President Donald Trump seen meeting with Social Media Posting Team, in undated photo.


@MrAndyNgo: Washington Post published a column by Mohammed al-Houthi in November arguing for peace in Yemen. Here he is in an undated vi…


I know, right? Felt the same way when we watched the second season before the election! Can't wait for Margaret A…

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undated image
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News about undated

Daryl Dragon, of the Captain and Tennille Pop Duo, Dies at 76
Toni Tennille and Daryl Dragon, better known as the Captain and Tennille, in concert in an undated photo. Their string of hits began in 1975 with “Love Will Keep Us Together.”

Paul Whelan: Family deny American arrested in Moscow is spy
The brother of a US citizen arrested for spying in Moscow says he was attending a wedding.

Wisconsin Girl, Missing For Nearly 3 Months, Is Found Alive
Jayme Closs, missing since Oct. 15 when her parents where found fatally shot, reportedly approached a woman on Thursday and asked for help. A relative said Jayme had been held by "a man in the woods."


Undated Word Data

  • Pronunciations(ŭn-dāˈtĭd)
  • Character7
  • Hyphenation un da ted dat ed


Waved Dateless


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