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Definitions and meanings of "Undercover"

What do we mean by undercover?

Conducted in secret or through the use of subterfuge, as in a police investigation or in spying. adjective

Engaged or employed in undercover activity. adjective

Performed or happening in secret. adjective

Employed or engaged in spying or secret investigation. adjective

A person who works undercover. noun

Conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods adjective

A person who works undercover.

A chick that acts innocent but behind closed doors will bang anything. Urban Dictionary

1. To operate in a secret or clandestine fashion. 2. Pertaining to anything with secret or clandestine overtones. Urban Dictionary

Undercover cops, plain clothes police officers Urban Dictionary

Dressing or wearing urban clothes while mixing it up with Hot Topic accessories, standing out from the rest, dressed in urban clothing while listening to hardcore/metal, punk rock, alt. rock, etc... Urban Dictionary

Undercover police officers whom inject themselves into protests and incite viol nice against the police and sometimes even commit the offense themselves to give the police an excuse to use force to disband peaceful protests. Urban Dictionary

-Its a person that is bad or do bad things but to parents or any one that dont know the person is good or thinks is good - Someone that most know a thug but others that dont believe it or dont know it - Someone that looks innocent but does bad things Urban Dictionary

When someone acts like butter couldn't melt, but secretly they're a total bitch Urban Dictionary

A person who does not demonstrate obvious qualities of hotness but is actually very hot once you look for more than one minute. These people generally have good personalities because they are unaware of their blazing hotness, but rather believe themselves average. Urban Dictionary

A girl that acts like she's all innocent but it a hoe that loves sucking dxxk Urban Dictionary

A male who claims to not be a player but actualy is. A male who pretends to be a girls friend but really just wants to sleep with them. He usually uses his angst over a recent breakup to lure unsuspecting females. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Undercover

The word "undercover" in example sentences

Back in 1981, the phrase "undercover officer" took on a new meaning during the wedding of Prince William's parents. ❋ Unknown (2011)

UK forces did not engage in undercover ops in Bosnia. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Not attached to any particular group, but the idea of going in undercover and eventually putting your plan into effect, through which you may be revealed (either through discovery or death) or not (failure or total success) … …. leftover ❋ Unknown (2009)

*** AUGGIE/VIOLET: The showrunners did a stupid move by not keeping the dismissal of ASW and Colin undercover until next january. ❋ Unknown (2009)

For Cassie, going undercover is almost a compulsion. ❋ Unknown (2008)

U.S. authorities charged 11 people Monday with being part of a Russian spy program to plant long-term undercover agents inside the U.S. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The thing about any of these deep/long term undercover cases is that they don't work if the UC doesn't have some sympathy or connection to the target group. ❋ Steve Perry (2010)

Nevertheless, McClellan calls the leak "wrong and harmful to national security" -- ignoring questions of whether Plame really was engaged in undercover operations and whether her cover long ago had been blown .... ❋ Unknown (2008)

Aggressive policing does work, but there are problems with aggressive policing just as there are problems with officers left too long in undercover situations. ❋ Unknown (2007)

When people are assigned overseas and then return, they have to remain undercover or else the front companies and contacts in that area are compromised. ❋ Unknown (2006)

The agency's funding woes have gotten so great, some say, that agents have been left without enough money to conduct important, long-term undercover investigations or even to fill the gas tanks of the official cars they use on routine surveillance assignments and immigration raids. ❋ Unknown (2007)

If the United States went in undercover, intelligence agents could be certain that the information gathered was untainted and then use what they found to investigate further. ❋ Unknown (2002)

A lot of people who do long-term undercover work have it to some degree, and with Anne it's never interfered with getting the job done. ❋ King, Laurie R. (1999)

Shoshan had not participated in an actual field operation in almost a decade, and at no point had he done long-term undercover work. ❋ Vince Flynn (1997)

MARCH 13, 1997; OMAHA, NE: Special Agents from the ATF Omaha Achilles Group and HUD/OIG, along with Gang Unit Officers from the Bellevue and Omaha Police Departments, arrested two individuals as part of a long-term undercover investigation of the Lomas Street Gang, active in housing developments of the city. ❋ ITY National Archives (1997)

Formed in 1999, it is a small unit tasked with combating domestic extremism and specialising in long-term undercover operations. ❋ Unknown (2011)

The HMIC review called for tougher oversight and control including a new system where any long-term undercover operation must first be approved by the independent Office of Surveillance Commissioners OSC. ❋ Tom Whitehead (2012)

Ministers and senior officers hope the decision may defuse the controversy surrounding revelations of long-term undercover surveillance of peaceful protest groups. ❋ Alan Travis (2011)

"The chief has a suspicion based largely on his ignorance of how things are done in a long-term undercover operation and is willing to ruin a good cop's career and reputation based on his suspicion," Candage said. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Damn, look at the chick with the [glasses]. I bet she is a [big time] [undercover ho]! ❋ Jdogg9696 (2003)

The undercover [police] [made] a [drug bust] last night. ❋ 1Spectre4U (2003)

I saw some [undercover's] on [the avenue], so [heads up] ❋ Sweet Crimson (2010)

"He/she is an [undercover] they like to listen to rock music" "[Riff] has an undercover ass hardcore band" "I saw some undercover people at the [Heaven Shall Burn] show" ❋ The Day You Saw Me Die (2010)

Me: Did you see those two guys [busting up] the water station in Louisville? Guy: Yeah, we went over to stop them from busting it all up and stealing it and the [riot police] encircled them protecting them. Me: Those dirty [undercovers] just got exposed bro. ❋ LordGodKel (2020)

[Undercover] Thug- A wolf with sheep clothing Undercover Thug- My son or daughter not a bad person but.... Undercover Thug- Opposite of a [undercover cop] Undercover Thug- Someone that do bad things or live thug life but almost never get caught doing them. (This could mean the same for [undercover] gangsta, or gangster to) Undercover Thug- Unusual Suspect ❋ Tnst (2014)

Person 1: Hey did you see [Madonna] fall? person 2: Yeah, but she's such an [undercover-bitch], it was totally [karma] ❋ Joe D + Imie T (2015)

dude, that guy at [the crepe] place was so [undercover hot]. I didn't know to [eye fuck] him until he gave us our crepes. I need to go back and give him my number. ❋ Bombshell Magee (2010)

This girl loved [sucking me] off behind [doors] no names [undercover hoe] ❋ Undercover Hoe (2015)

Person 1: I just realized he's an [undercover player]. Person 2: how? Person 1: He is still with one girl but is also trying to [get with] those two [other girls]. ❋ El Cucuy707 (2009)

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