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Hyphenation un der state
Pronunciations N/A

Definitions and meanings of "Understate"

What do we mean by understate?

To state with less completeness or truth than seems warranted by the facts. transitive verb

To express with restraint or lack of emphasis, especially ironically or for rhetorical effect. transitive verb

To state (a quantity, for example) that is too low. transitive verb

To state or represent less strongly than the truth will admit; state too low: as, to understate an evil.

To say less than the full truth.

To state or represent less strongly than may be done truthfully. transitive verb

To state something with less completeness than needed; to minimise or downplay. verb

To state something with a lack of emphasis, in order to express irony. verb

To state a quantity that is too low. verb

Represent as less significant or important verb

To state (something) with less completeness than needed; to minimise or downplay.

To state (something) with a lack of emphasis, in order to express irony.

To state a quantity that is too low.

A condition in which the front tires of car lose traction while cornering, causing the vehicle to turn less than desired basically, your car will go straight instead of turning the risk of understeer can be decreased by a) lowering corner entry speed b) turning less/turning more smoothly c) trail braking Urban Dictionary

Not overstable, not under stable, just stable Urban Dictionary

A form of Aesthetic involving the subtle hints or images associated to a certain piece of pop culture, such as Star Wars, Anime, Game of Thrones, etc. The idea is for it to be visually pleasing to anyone, yet only those who also have observed the source material understand the meaning, if there is any meaning to that particular piece. Urban Dictionary

When the front wheels of a car lose traction during turning, causing the car to turn much less than intended. Also known as the most annoying thing in the history of cars Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Understate

The word "understate" in example sentences

You spend your life railing against central economic planning, and you need a conspiracy theory to explain why an economic projection was wrong? should be "understate," or "underestimate." ❋ Unknown (2010)

Most religious switching occurs before the age of thirty, but to the extent that switching also occurs later in life, these comparisons tend to understate the long-term rise in switching, since the cohorts born late in the twentieth century have had less time to switch than those born earlier. ❋ Robert D. Putnam (2010)

Credit-union officials say those figures understate their actual reach in terms of customer numbers because most members at credit unions have small balances. ❋ Suzanne Kapner (2011)

In what ways do these data overstate or understate the degree of upward mobility in the economy? ❋ Unknown (2009)

To say that Karen Russell's star has been on the rise is to understate her phenomenal entry into the literary world. ❋ Brian Gresko (2011)

While some countries have higher rates of recorded suicides, including the U.S.'s over 10 per 100,000, mental-health professionals here say Greece's data greatly understate the incidence of suicide because it carries a strong stigma among Greeks. ❋ Marcus Walker (2011)

It took King Henry VIII's want of a divorce and Martin Luther's offense at the Pope's transgressions to prompt the translation of the religious scriptures into English and German, which is not to ignore or understate similar problems with the Holy Bible, the core document of the Latin Church, which had its own linguistic odyssey making its way from the mystery of the Classic Greek to the vulgarity of common understanding. ❋ Dr. Naif A. Al-Mutawa (2011)

Those who say Fenway Sports Group should have picked a full-time successor to Hodgson off an unconvincing list perhaps understate the need for Liverpool to recover their poise and identity as a community club. ❋ Unknown (2011)

In other words, to say only that Warmers are greatly exaggerating the impact of carbon dioxide to global warming is to understate the extent of their deceit. ❋ Unknown (2009)

All reporting is biased by what is reported and what is not reported, but on CNN lately to speak of the news being biased is to gravely understate the problem. ❋ Unknown (2009)

LSU chancellor Mike Martin said the school's 14% mark may actually understate the football team's financial impact. ❋ Rachel Bachman (2012)

'I understate my case to say that it is one of the most shallow speeches by a supposedly serious politician that I have ever read. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Skeptics point out that these monthly numbers likely understate the activity from China because its central bank and sovereign-wealth funds also purchase Treasurys via proxies, especially in the U.K. ❋ Min Zeng (2012)

I continue to agree with Hall and Murphy, who argue that firms use stock options to understate employee costs. ❋ Unknown (2009)

A number of analysts think official data, which have continued to show a slight rise in prices, understate the slowdown as the government can affect the numbers by pressing developers to withhold or add high-value properties to the market depending on what it wants the data to show. ❋ Bob Davis (2011)

According U.S. government data, China's holdings of Treasury securities totaled $1.159 trillion at the end of May, although those estimates are thought to understate the true total. ❋ Aaron Back (2011)

Omaha, Neb.-based ConAgra Foods Inc., a company that provides pizzas to schools, said it opposes the USDA plan because it would "understate the amount of tomato products…actually consumed." ❋ Bill Tomson (2011)

According to Schwarz, these football revenue figures may understate the contribution football makes to the collegiate bottom line. ❋ Rachel Bachman (2012)

understeer is more [likely] [on ice] ❋ Safaasd (2008)

[ugh] that’s understable [i guess] ❋ Nk La (2019)

"[Oh, cool] [Canti] T-shirt! I almost missed it, it's got that [Understated Pop-cult aesthetic]. Where'd you get it?" ❋ Peter E. Gren (2019)

My [stupid] [Focus] is understeering again, (While [racing]) aaaahhhhhh understeer ❋ Livingcyote035 (2019)

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