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Definitions of "undisguisedly"

  • In an undisguised manner; openly; frankly.
  • In an undisguised manner; openly. adverb

The word "undisguisedly" in example sentences

Billy followed the swimmers with his eyes, yearning after them so undisguisedly that Mrs. Hazard said to him:. [CHAPTER VIII]

Clay is once again the nominal narrator, though the narrator is also, in part, undisguisedly Mr. Ellis himself: He makes extra-mural references to the film made of "Less Than Zero," for instance, and seems to live in the Los Angeles neighborhood to which Mr. Ellis himself returned a few years ago.. [Zero Progress]

His brother, however, who knew his alarms to be generally as unfounded as his hopes; and Mrs. Tyrold, who almost undisguisedly despised both; no sooner heard his account, than, declining to discuss it, they sent for Eugenia.. [Camilla]

Indiana to quit town, and that he was less than a cypher with her upon the last evening's assembly, where, without deigning to bestow one look upon him, she chatted, smiled, and fluttered with every one else; undisguisedly betraying that whom she should soon have alone, and have always, should not rob of even one precious moment this last splendid blaze of general admiration.. [Camilla]

His wheezy Pittsburgh accent was undisguisedly ethnic, his wholehearted enthusiasm flecked with Yiddishisms -- he made Howard Cosell sound like Cary Grant.. [Alex Remington: Myron Cope, Voice of the Steelers, Goes to His Reward]

He winked — winked openly and undisguisedly; winked with his right eye — upon Henrietta Lillyvick!. [Nicholas Nickleby]

St. Paul himself has never spoken of the divinity of Jesus Christ, who is undisguisedly called a man.. [A Philosophical Dictionary]

What's surprising, and conceivably risky, about Jackman's Broadway debut in "The Boy From Oz" is that he's playing the undisguisedly gay disco-era darling Peter Allen, the Australian singer-songwriter ( "I Go to Rio," "Don't Cry Out Loud") who was discovered by Judy Garland and then later wed to her daughter Liza Minnelli before dying of AIDS in 1992.. [Plays: Jackman's 'Oz' Fest]

It is the modern enemy working openly, undisguisedly, and at high pressure.. [Belloc Speaks - The Modern Phase]

Lastly, he was most undisguisedly a tyrant, who made not free men only, but free fellow-citizens his slaves; who put to death, or drove into exile, or robbed of their wealth and property, not malefactors, note you, but the mere victims of his whim and fancy; and these were ever the better folk.. [Hellenica]

She represented herself as pinched and in debt, and to crown all, she was so undisguisedly hideous that the. [Scenes from a Courtesan's Life]

He was undisguisedly glad to have us to lecture to by the way.. [A Modern Utopia]

When that is quite got over, I know you will favour me undisguisedly with the result.. [Clarissa Harlowe]

This is only a little more openly and undisguisedly snobbish than the cases before alluded to.. [The Book of Snobs]

Towards the latter end of the evening, he became even more confidential, and showed the cloven foot, if possible, more undisguisedly than he had hitherto done.. [The Kellys and the O'Kellys]

On the examination days they discoursed about Friendship in general, and things like that, down the Burlington Arcade during the lunch time — Burlington Arcade undisguisedly amused by her learned dinginess and his red tie — and among other things that were said she reproached him for not reading poetry.. [Love and Mr Lewisham]

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