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What does the word unencouragingly mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word unencouragingly in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with unencouragingly and anagrams of unencouragingly.

Definitions of "unencouragingly"

  • In an unencouraging way. adverb

The word "unencouragingly" in example sentences

"I do not know for certain that he came this way, " the merchant replied unencouragingly.. [The Lives of Felix Gunderson]

He sighed unencouragingly when Flinx once again explained his request.. [The End of the Matter]

"Money and position don't really mean much to me," Harriet said, unencouragingly.. [Harriet and the Piper]

"What is it?" she asked, dryly and unencouragingly.. [The Story of Julia Page]

Instead, he relayed Hedstrom’s good news to Maitland as unencouragingly as possible.. [Murder to Go]

Who are you? "demanded that gentleman, unencouragingly.. [Across the Mesa]

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