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Definitions of "unflagging"

  • Not flagging; untiring. See Synonyms at tireless. adjective
  • Never tiring or lacking energy; without rest; without slowing. adjective
  • Not flagging; not drooping; maintaining strength or spirit; sustained; as, unflagging zeal.
  • showing sustained enthusiastic action with unflagging vitality adjective
  • unceasing adjective

The word "unflagging" in example sentences

Defence lawyer Sean May, who asked for three to six months in jail, said his remorseful client has no criminal record, welcomes treatment and has the "unflagging" support of his wife. [Ottawa Sun]

She never bristled at being told what to do, issuing her oídos with an unflagging enthusiasm that would have made you think she was volunteering for a second ice cream cone rather than agreeing to lug a crate of vegetables back from the walk-in.. [The Sorcerer’s Apprentices]

Many of the qualities that come so effortlessly to dogs -- loyalty, devotion, selflessness, unflagging optimism, unqualified love -- can be elusive to humans.. [John Grogan - An interview with author]

This bucolic frolic was directed with unflagging é lan by Stephen Frears from a script with a layered lineage: Moira Buffini adapted a graphic novel by Posy Simmonds which was, in its turn, a contemporary riff on Thomas Hardy's "Far From the Madding Crowd.". [A Grownup Look at Lennon as a 'Boy']

The show often opened with Mr. LaLanne backlighted, doing jumping jacks, before the lights came up and he began his unflagging efforts to get watchers up and moving with him.. [Jack LaLanne dies; fitness guru helped shepherd in an era of health-consciousness]

Even Chancellor Angela Merkel, who not so long ago pledged Germany's unflagging support for Israel's quest for security, recently told Netanyahu that no one can any longer believe anything he says about Israel's interest in peace.. [Henry Siegman: The Democracy Revolutions and the Israel-Palestine Conflict]

As it turned out, it mattered all right—it was a gift—to have at hand episode after sterling episode of this unflagging drama of a former boxing champion looking for a comeback: a story whose reflection of current hard times colors every scene.. [What a Knockout of a Series]

You haven't finished with the French, said Socialist Sen. Jean-Pierre Bel, alluding to an apparently unflagging determination by unions, now joined by students, to keep protests alive – even through the upcoming week of school holidays.. [French Senate Passes Pension Cuts To Raise Retirement Age]

Even without the backdrop of the bankers' unflagging appetite for excessive salaries and bonuses, Lord Hutton's room to provide solutions that also deliver equity was far from capacious.. [Life expectancy: Take a positive look at our ageing population | Observer editorial]

Emotional, psychological and spiritual strength wither without unflagging labors to discover and to act on unadorned truths about ourselves and the world.. [Bruce Fein: At the Edge of Self-Destruction]

John Malkovich plays Lucien Laurin, the horse trainer who, at Penny's urging - and guided by her unflagging faith in him - pushes Secretariat on to victory.. ['Secretariat' Tells Inspiring Story of Triple Crown Winner]

Special thanks also to Renee Huff and Erica Feldon at Pocket for their unflagging support and promotion; to Craig White for the beautiful covers and to Lisa Litwack for their design.. [Etched in Bone]

At Simon & Schuster I would like to thank then-publisher David Rosenthal and editor-in-chief Priscilla Painton for seeing the merits of the book from the beginning and for unflagging enthusiasm and thoughtful support throughout the writing process.. [How the End Begins]

As a composer for hire, Herrmann's unflagging belief in his own opinions about music served him as well as his supreme skill at composition and orchestration.. ['Psycho' Maestro at 100]

From day one, Kapp, who held a law degree from New York University, impressed me with his unflagging commitment to standing up for what he believed was right.. [Edward Lee: Golan v. Holder: Supreme Court to Review Copyrighting Works in Public Domain]

Eric recalls that it was through this process that he finally understood his father's unflagging commitment to fostering his graduate students and to furthering the goal of an integrated social sciences.. [Marcelo M. Suarez-Orozco : The Fox]

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