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Uniformity Distribution uniformity, a measure of how uniformly water is applied to the area being watered Religious uniformity, the promotion of one state religion, denomination, or philosophy to the exclusion of all other religious beliefs Retention uniformity, a concept in thin layer chromatography Tire uniformity, a concept in vehicle technology Uniformity (chemistry), a measure of the homogeneity of a substance's composition or character Uniformity (complexity), a concept in computational complexity theory Uniformity (philosophy), the concept that the same natural laws and processes that operate in the universe now have always operated in the universe Uniformity (topology), a concept in the mathematical field of topology Uniformity of motive, a concept in astrobiology.

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  • Plural form of uniformity. noun

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Fortunately, we are much better informed as to the empirical laws of the phenomena, that is, the uniformities respecting which we cannot yet decide whether they are cases of causation or mere results of it.. [A System Of Logic, Ratiocinative And Inductive (Vol. 1 of 2)]

Fortunately, we are much better informed as to the empirical laws of the phenomena, that is, the uniformities respecting which we can not yet decide whether they are cases of causation, or mere results of it.. [A System Of Logic, Ratiocinative And Inductive]

“He taught me the importance of looking for uniformities, laws, explanations of the inner forces moving behind the façade of events,” Tugwell remembered.. [A Renegade History of the United States]

Intriguingly, Davies cited another scholar, Crane Brinton, who laid out seven "tentative uniformities" that he argued were the common precursors that set the stage for the Puritan, American, French, and Russian revolutions.. [When Change is Not Enough: the Seven Steps To Revolution]

In the next phase of Liberalism the economic uniformities in question came to be regarded as inexorable laws of nature against which rebellion was as futile as against the law of gravitation.. [The Seven Principles of the New Radicalism]

They tried to bring this into a system of morals by declaring that the economic uniformities resulting from this simplification of motives constituted a natural harmony; but the practical effect of their doctrine was to put economics into a separate compartment of life, outside morals, ruled by jungle law under slogans like "business is business.". [The Seven Principles of the New Radicalism]

Certainly, the endeavor would be worth trying, if only better to learn where similarities and uniformities among the various examples begin and end.. [Religion and Nationalism in Iraq]

The extremely precise results for both the figure of the Earth and the variation of gravity that Newton tabulated in the second and third editions were based on uniform density, and hence, just like Keplerian motion, represented an idealization, departures from which would point to non-uniformities of density.. [Newton's Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica]

These ‘guesses at truth’ were not made at random; they arose from a superficial impression of uniformities and first principles in nature which the genius of the. [The Republic by Plato ; translated by Benjamin Jowett]

The more extensive the uniformities of nature in art, the greater the art, as long as they are fused with our wonder for the new.. [Dewey's Aesthetics]

That has life in it; but the flat uniformities over which we had roamed made me feel as if buried alive.. [Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa]

This may be felt to be too intuitive, like Dr. Johnson's famous objection to Berkeley; but Moore could also see that there were substantive objections to the phenomenalist position, such as the fact that our normal ways of identifying and anticipating significant uniformities among our sense-data draw on our beliefs about our location in physical space and the state of our physical sense-organs, neither of which are available to the consistent phenomenalist.. [George Edward Moore]

Although irrigation uniformities can be highly variable based on design, maintenance and management, a typical uniformity for each irrigation system was selected.. [1. Water management.]

Comte's demand that sociocultural development should be studied in a man - ner analogous to that applicable to causal uniformities in the realm of nature did not fall on deaf ears.. [Dictionary of the History of Ideas]

The epistemic claims, the uniformities which deism asserted, and its rationalism, appealed to those who thought vulgar religion an imposture, sects equally wrong, and mira - cles unlikely to happen in a world composed of sub - stances and modes behaving according to rules known with near mathematical exactitude.. [DEISM]

The cultural pluralism of Edmund Burke and of J.G. Herder, insofar as it implied and prized uniqueness and variation, had no room for the uniformities upon whose existence deism was predicated.. [DEISM]

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