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What do we mean by unimprisoned?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word unimprisoned. Define unimprisoned, unimprisoned synonyms, unimprisoned pronunciation, unimprisoned translation, English dictionary definition of unimprisoned.

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The word "unimprisoned" in example sentences

Yes, after 13 intolerable days of incarceration, sometime actor and legging designer Lindsay Lohan may once again breathe the sweet, sweet unimprisoned air. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Bant Singh's songs spiral unimprisoned beneath thebaking hot sky, but as his daughter Balwant Kaur takes her place next to him on the stage, she weeps uncontrollably by his side. ❋ Abhay N (2006)

Spiralling unimprisoned beneath the baking hot sky. ❋ Abhay N (2006)

Looks like some kind of free republic site protesting Fred Phelps who thinks God is punishing the US for allowing LGBTs roam free and unimprisoned, or unkilled, or something. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Like unimprisoned flames, out of their trance awake. ❋ Unknown (2003)

This Revolution has been defined, as "An open, violent rebellion and victory of unimprisoned anarchy, against corrupt worn-out authority; breaking prison, raging uncontrollable and enveloping a world in fever frenzy, until the mad forces are made to work toward their object, as sane and regulated ones." ❋ Robert Elliott Flickinger (N/A)

Know, ye unimprisoned, that traffic is a restricted inside a large prison as commerce was in the Middle Ages. ❋ Unknown (1907)

Know, ye unimprisoned, that traffic is as restricted inside a large prison as commerce was in the Middle Ages. ❋ Unknown (1907)

"He will try to leave no living, or, at least, no unimprisoned enemies behind him when he marches for the border." ❋ William Osborn Stoddard (1880)

Taking 18s. as the true value of the work, for in this world the workman has commonly to sell his production under the above disadvantages, forced sale and the conspiracies of the unimprisoned -- we have still 13s. for a day's work by a woman. ❋ Charles Reade (1849)

The grave was dug, and about two feet depth of soil was thrown in a huge mound upon the surface; the coffin was lowered, and there lay the corpse within that receptacle of poor humanity, unimprisoned by any lid for that had been left in the vault, and awaiting the doom which they had decreed upon it, but which they now with a shuddering horror shrunk from performing. ❋ Unknown (1847)

Temple, set the King on horseback; and, joined by the unimprisoned, ride roughshod over us all. ❋ Thomas Carlyle (1838)

No little fish thrown back again into the water, no fly unimprisoned from a child's hand, could more buoyantly enjoy its element, than I this clean and peaceful house, with this lovely view of the town, groves, and lake of Ratzeburg, from the window at which I am writing. ❋ Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1803)

All these money center banks are responsible for the destruction of the world's economy, yet remain unimprisoned. ❋ Optimi Trading (2010)

And others may have temper problems, impulse problems, etc. that are predominant and not under as much control as must be the case in their more successful, unimprisoned diagnostic 'cousins', such as the politicians and other con-men ( 'confidence', not 'convict). ❋ Lyzbeth (2010)

_green lizard_ is like an _unimprisoned flame_, _waking_ out of its ❋ John Louis Haney (N/A)

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