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What does the word unimpugnable mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word unimpugnable in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with unimpugnable and anagrams of unimpugnable.

Definitions of "unimpugnable"

  • Not capable of being impugned; unimpeachable.

The word "unimpugnable" in example sentences

Solely supported by his unimpugnable calculations, Mr Pancks led an unhappy and restless life; constantly carrying his figures about with him in his hat, and not only going over them himself on every possible occasion, but entreating every human being he could lay hold of to go over them with him, and observe what a clear case it was.. [Little Dorrit]

Vivisection, for instance, cannot furnish unimpugnable results, for excessive shock tends of itself to make the response of a tissue abnormal.. [Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose His Life and Speeches]

Solely supported by his unimpugnable calculations,. [Little Dorrit]

You could readily say that dunn is the worst defensive outfielder in the major leagues - he was outdone only by hawpe among OF last year in terms of UZR. if you're going to see defensive extremes, adam dunn is it. as of today, morgan is valued at 1.9 wins above replacement so far this year. that's better than dunn's value in two of the last four years, and twice dunn's current value. even taking into account some defensive regression, how is it ridiculous to suggest that dunn and morgan have similar value? and why would you note that his prior team put him in a corner position? why suggest that the pittsburgh pirates 'positional choices are somehow unimpugnable? they put nate mclouth in center instead of morgan, which by any reasonable measure was stupid.. [Comments for FanGraphs Baseball]

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