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Unique primarily refers to: Uniqueness, a state or condition wherein something is unlike anything else In mathematics and logic, a unique object is the only object with a certain property, see Uniqueness quantificationUnique may also refer to:.

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Definitions of "unique"

  • Being the only one of its kind: the unique existing example of Donne's handwriting. adjective
  • Without an equal or equivalent; unparalleled. adjective
  • Characteristic of a particular category, condition, or locality: a problem unique to coastal areas. adjective
  • Informal Unusual; extraordinary: spoke with a unique accent. adjective
  • Being the only one of its kind; unequaled, unparalleled or unmatched. adjective
  • Of a feature, such that only one holder has it. adjective
  • Of a rare quality. adjective
  • Unusual. adjective
  • A thing without a like; something unequalled or unparallelled. noun
  • Being without a like or equal; unmatched; unequaled; unparalleled; single in kind or excellence; sole. adjective
  • A thing without a like; something unequaled or unparalleled. noun
  • In mathematics, unambiguous and singly determinate.
  • Only; single.
  • Having no like or equal; unmatched; sole; unequaled; single in its kind or excellence: often used relatively, and then signifying rare, unusual.
  • A unique thing; a thing unparalleled or sole of its kind. noun
  • the single one of its kind adjective
  • highly unusual or rare but not the single instance adjective
  • radically distinctive and without equal adjective
  • (followed by `to') applying exclusively to a given category or condition or locality adjective

The word "unique" in example sentences

END {if (nonempty) {for (i in files) print i;};} '`; \ if test - z "$ (ETAGS_ARGS) $$tags$$unique"; then:; else \ test - n "$$unique" | | unique = $$empty_fix; \. [LinuxQuestions.org]

Short introduction: A cryptographic hash-function is a function where you can put in any data and you'll get a unique, fixed-size value. »unique« in this case scenario means that it's very hard to calculate two different strings matching to the same hash value.. [Hanno's blog]

Kashi's 7 Whole Grain Puffs is said to have a unique flavour derived from the sesame seeds bursting at high temperature and imparting their ‘unique’ flavour to the cereal.. [Epinions Recent Content for Home]

BE: When we first started i came up with the term unique edition.. [Max Eternity: Bonny Lhotka's Digital Alchemy: Unique Recipes for Digital Print Editions]

And the company's use of the term "unique visitors" is "the same as everyone," he says.. [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

I am sure I have never before used the word unique with such exactness.. [The Rise and Fall of Bear Stearns]

I suppose that the term unique in discussing the craft activity at Johnson's Island was confusing.. [Re: Comments on the Johnson's Island Dig]

My response, "But I am working, just from home," completely baffles them and they gaze at me with an expression unique to children: "Daddy says the funniest things.". [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

A spokeswoman said the icon had been used by the troops to identify themselves as scout snipers, a designation unique to the Marine Corps, and was never intended to have Nazi connotations.. [Telegraph.co.uk - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph]

For more than 10 years, the term unique visitors has been known as the count of unique cookies (de-duplicated over the period of analysis) to a Web site.. []

But he referred to the administration's work to rush what he called "unique capabilities" to the field, an oblique reference to classified programs like the stepped-up construction of a CIA drone-launching base in the Persian Gulf region to use the unmanned aircraft to hunt militants in Yemen.. [White House unveils retooled plan to hunt al-Qaeda]

With classic L.A arrogance, owner/madman Sebastian freaked out and dumped all of Gordon's restaurant changes and went back to what he called a "unique" menu that consisted of over 10,000 possible menu combinations you choose the meat, than the sauce on top, than the pasta/side that goes with it.... [Harmon Leon: Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares: A Guilty Culinary Pleasure]

Marlena Cervantes, 30, of Big Sky, Mont., is the owner of FlexPetz, which she described as a unique concept for dog lovers who are unable to own a pet, but miss spending time with a dog.. [Rad Geek People’s Daily – 2008 – June – 10]

At 11 a.m. Eastern this morning, the Pennsylvania State Police, along with the FBI, are expected to show a picture to the public of what they describe as a unique weapon that was found in the car of Brian Wells after the bomb went off at the bank, where he was caught coming out after this bizarre robbery.. [CNN Transcript Sep 4, 2003]

The FBI is expected to release pictures of what it calls a unique weapon that was found in Brian Well's car after he robbed a bank last week.. [CNN Transcript Sep 4, 2003]

Coach Mike Atkinson: What makes her unique is her ability to create shots off the dribble.. [Smith named national player of the year]

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s. tek, yegane, bir tane, eşsiz, emsalsiz; nadir. uniquely z. eşsiz derecede. uniqueness i. eşsizlik.s. tek, yegane, bir tane, eşsiz, emsalsiz; nadir. uniquely z. eşsiz derecede. uniqueness i. eşsizlik.

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  • Character6
  • Hyphenation u nique


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