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Hyphenation u ni valve
Pronunciations N/A

Definitions and meanings of "Univalve"

What do we mean by univalve?

Having a shell consisting of a single valve or piece. Used of a mollusk. adjective

Composed of a single valve or piece. Used of a shell. adjective

A univalve mollusk; a gastropod. noun

Having one valve only, as a mollusk; not bivalve or multivalve; univalved or univalvular. See II.

Having the carapace single, or not hinged in the middle line: specifying the cladocerous or daphniaceous crustaceans. Now rare. In botany, consisting of one valve or piece.

In conchology, a univalve mollusk or its shell; a shell consisting of a single piece; formerly, a member of one of three Linnean divisions of Testacea, as distinguished from bivalves and multivalves. noun

Body-whorl or aperture are collectively the spire, ending at the tip, point, or apex. The opposite end of the shell is the base, which often presents a depression, the umbilicus; the circumference, a completely lipped aperture, is the peristome. The spiral line between the successive whorls or volutions is the suture. See words italicized above with various cuts there, or there cited. noun

Having one valve. adjective

A shell consisting of one valve only; a mollusk whose shell is composed of a single piece, as the snails and conchs. noun

Having one valve, typically used to refer to mollusks, notably slugs and snails. adjective

Consisting of a single valve or piece, used to refer to a shell. adjective

A univalve mollusk or its shell. noun

Used of mollusks, especially gastropods, as snails etc. adjective

A class of mollusks typically having a one-piece coiled shell and flattened muscular foot with a head bearing stalked eyes noun

A univalve mollusk or its shell.

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The word "univalve" in example sentences

"Pâte de Guimauve" owes its healing nutritive character to this despised univalve, which is said to enter largely into its composition. ❋ Elizabeth Brightwen (N/A)

The saltwater univalve with the ear-shaped shell, iridescent inside, contains a rock-clinging creature which, when pounded thin and tender, like a scaloppine, holds pride of place at Chinese banquets. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Brined pork at Boulevard With farm-raised local Davenport abalone, the Aqua kitchen played an even subtler contrapuntal game, mimicking the challenging texture of this expensive univalve with other naturally spunky foods rich in distinct flavors of their own: pork belly, chanterelle mushrooms and smoked garlic, combined in a reduced "jus" rendered from Manila clams. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Vetustovermis bears a number of morphological features that are found in Kimberella, which has been interpreted to have a non-mineralized but stiff univalve shell. ❋ Unknown (2005)

The hill consisted of a red ferruguinous sandstone, in parts of which were imbedded univalve and bivalve shells, pieces of water-worn or burnt wood, and what seemed fragments of bone. ❋ Unknown (2003)

If strong winds occur during the cool months, among the wreaths of broken seaweed thrown on the beach may be found unbroken and fresh specimens of a singularly beautiful and fragile univalve known commonly and most appropriately as the ❋ Unknown (2003)

"Besides, " said the pretty univalve, -having frightened away the lovers, it is our fault that you are stranded here. ❋ Robbins, Tom (1990)

Fossil wood with _Teredo antenautæ_ is also met with, and pyritous casts of univalve and bivalve shells. ❋ Various (N/A)

Cochleate: spirally twisted like a screw or a univalve shell. ❋ John. B. Smith (N/A)

He sees the wave lines, the effect of waves on soft sand, the delicate shading of the bottom in grays innumerable; now the collar-like egg of a univalve or the sharp eye of a sole or halibut protruding from the sand. ❋ Various (N/A)

Europe, is Italian; _porcellana_ being in that language the name of those univalve shells forming the genus _cypraea_ of the conchologist, which have a high arched back like that of the hog (_porco_, Ital.), and are remarkable for the white, smooth, vitreous glossiness of the surface about the mouth of the shell, and sometimes, as in the common cowry (_Cypraea moneta_), over the whole surface. ❋ Various (N/A)

Abalone's are a univalve that has been much in vogue among the Chinese but has seldom found place on the tables of restaurants owing to the difficulty in preparing them, as they are tough and insipid under ordinary circumstances. ❋ Clarence E. Edwords (N/A)

We find lacustrine marls on the sides of the Esquiline Hill where it slopes down into the Forum, and fresh-water bivalve and univalve shells in the ground under the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius on the Capitol; while on the face of the Aventine Hill, overhanging the Tiber at a height of ninety feet, is a cliff of travertine, which is half a mile long. ❋ Hugh Macmillan (N/A)

’ But such terms at best cannot be scientific, precise, determinate, as for examples the terms ‘inorganic, ’ ‘mammal, ’ ‘univalve, ’ ‘Old Red Sandstone’ are scientific, precise, determinate. ❋ Unknown (1916)

A univalve shell frequently represented is of an oval shape, pointed at each end, with a longitudinal lip and a short spire at one extremity. ❋ Unknown (1915)

His abdomen is soft and pulpy and without protecting plates, as have other crabs, and he survived only by his childhood custom of stealing a univalve abode, though he murdered the honest tenant. ❋ Frederick O'Brien (1900)

A nail; claw; hoof, (Heb. sheheleth; Ex. 30: 34), a Latin word applied to the operculum, i.e., the claw or nail of the strombus or wing-shell, a univalve common in the Red Sea. ❋ M.G. Easton (1897)

The upper part is similar in size and shape, but is modeled to represent a univalve shell, the apex being represented by a large node surrounded by six smaller nodes, and the base or spine by a graceful extension of the rim. ❋ William Henry Holmes (1889)

A shell pin made from the columella of a large univalve. ❋ William Henry Holmes (1889)

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