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Definitions of "unmistakable"

  • Impossible to mistake or misinterpret; obvious: unmistakable signs of illness. adjective
  • unique, such that it cannot be mistaken for something else. adjective
  • Incapable of being mistaken or misunderstood; clear; plain; obvious; evident. adjective
  • That cannot be mistaken or misunderstood; clear; evident. Also unmistakeable.
  • Synonyms Palpable, manifest, obvious, patent, unequivocal, unambiguous, decided.
  • clearly evident to the mind adjective
  • clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment adjective

The word "unmistakable" in example sentences

You would have some difficulty in recognising him, though he bears, like the rest of us, what you call the unmistakable Landale stamp.. [The Light of Scarthey]

Everywhere the socialists proclaimed their coming victory at the ballot-box, while, in unmistakable terms, they stated the situation.. [Chapter 13: The General Strike]

A certain unmistakable character trait began to manifest itself these early struggling writing days.. [Leora Skolkin-Smith explains the backstory to her first novel, Edges]

Also, they held out their hands, palms upward, in unmistakable sign of peace.. [CHAPTER L]

And with the moving comes removing, retraining, reconditioning of all of the bells and whistles attached to my wrists, filing away the pages of my history, neatly stacked in unmistakable sequence, and tucked under my arm for the journey to the other side of town.. [Moving]

It's not enough to say you'll be ready from Day One — you have to be right from Day One, he added in unmistakable criticisms of Clinton, who often claims she's better prepared to govern, and her husband, who pledged during his own presidency to build a bridge to the 21st century.. [Obama eviscerates Hillary]

In an attempt to override the pretty pretty princess factor I used blue glitter to write EAT OUT in unmistakable huge block letters.. [vagina. « Love | Peace | Ohana]

"Homo sapiens is a species afflicted with a terminal illness and certain unmistakable suicidal tendencies". [Sound Politics: Scenes from Wallingford]

I find it astonishing that you disagree with the my statement: "Homo sapiens is a species afflicted with a terminal illness and certain unmistakable suicidal tendencies".. [Sound Politics: Scenes from Wallingford]

Homo sapiens is a species afflicted with a terminal illness and certain unmistakable suicidal tendencies.. [Sound Politics: Scenes from Wallingford]

Civil discourse in unmistakable, abuse is likewise.. [Think Progress » VIDEO: A Merry O’Reilly Retraction]

Their lads, neither more than fifteen, were blowing as they ran, the notes ragged and broken, but the calls unmistakable ordering the Companies to form the skirmish chain.. [Sharpe's Enemy]

In past ages, a war, almost by definition, was something that sooner or later came to an end, usually in unmistakable victory or defeat.. [Nineteen Eighty-Four]

The present war has demonstrated in unmistakable terms that under modern conditions a country without highly developed industries has no political future.. [New India]

"Clearly understood," she repeated, with her eyes on him in unmistakable adoration.. [Purple Springs]

But just as David had made up his mind that this time it was a real squirrel, up went the furry paw to an ear in unmistakable salute, just as the locked-out fairy had done when he hopped from the window-ledge of the lodge.. [This Way to Christmas]

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  • Character12
  • Hyphenation un mis tak a ble


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