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Definitions and meanings of "Unpublished"

What do we mean by unpublished?

Not published.

To remove all traces of someone or something from a website. Urban Dictionary

That big yellow button next to your definitions Urban Dictionary

When you write a definition on urban dictionary and want to take it off. However the webpage designer placed the button in a very misleading spot, so if you have more than one definition you have to be cautious which one is really being unpublished. Urban Dictionary

Stupid fucking urban dictionary never published my definitions. FUCK YOU STUPID URBAN DICTIONARY Urban Dictionary

An unpublished defenition is wasted time Urban Dictionary

When you go to your profile and you just see your definitions. But you wanted to go to delete one. So sad why. Urban Dictionary

What you say when your parents ask you what your reading you say that your reading Unpublished storys from independent writers online. But your really reading gay porn Also known as (yaoi smutty fanfiction) Urban Dictionary

You: woah, whatever i posted really sucks. why'd I make this? You: ... You: oohkay, im talking to myself once again. Urban Dictionary

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The word "unpublished" in example sentences

YEAR = {}, type = {}, number = {}, address = {} @unpublished is used to refer to as of yet unpublished documents, articles and such. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The entries would be wrong because the data wasn't expected to contain unpublished books. ❋ Msagara (2009)

Presented annually, the awards honour excellence in unpublished work submitted by up-and-coming writers across the country and are presented by CBC and Radio-Canada, the Canada Council for the Arts and Air Canada's enRoute magazine. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Apart from the few column inches Penthouse was able to accommodate, these tapes, from 1979, have lain unpublished ever since. ❋ Unknown (2007)

The increased digitization of the profession of literary scholarship has also made certain unpublished, archival, and visual resources more readily available. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Let the world decide whether the stuff that's still unpublished is fun, paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence. ❋ Roger Sutton (2006)

It was his Gospel he referred to as his unpublished book, his doctrine of Selfishness, and of Man the irresponsible Machine. ❋ Unknown (2003)

At the same time that he translates and analyzes the Mask, Brecht also translates nine stanzas from Part III of Peter Bell the Third, which apparently remain unpublished throughout Brecht's lifetime. 16 ❋ Unknown (2001)

The original version was to remain unpublished for thirteen years. ❋ Unknown (1967)

It appeared to me and to friends whom I consulted that the Autobiography was so full of romantic adventure and at the same time of such solid historical value that it ought no longer to remain unpublished, and Mr. John Murray, to whom I submitted a transcription of it, came at once to the same conclusion. ❋ Unknown (1903)

It was his Gospel he referred to as his unpublished book, his doctrine of ❋ Albert Bigelow Paine (1899)

I’ve personally gone as far as to suggest that for greatest clarity that all works should have a well documented fixed recycling date, and that the date of the death of an author should only be applicable to the copyright in unpublished works. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Unless publishers start looking at different kinds of books again, or unless I improve to the point where they just cannot overlook me (hey, a girl can dream), I am likely to remain unpublished. ❋ Msagara (2009)

Sixty years later, these files remain unpublished. ❋ Unknown (2007)

The meta-analysis, he writes, is "very weak," adding that most of the studies it looked at were unpublished, which is to say that they had not been peer-reviewed. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Thus it came to pass that this singularly interesting journal remained unpublished, that is, practically unknown, for more than two hundred years. ❋ William Henry Johnson (N/A)

Even though your methods are perfectly legitimate, and are not in fact calling the unpublished APIs, they are getting flagged because of the name confusion. ❋ Unknown (2009)

BoingBoing, despite having [railed] against [censorship] many times, decided to unpublish all of [Violet Blue's] work for reasons unknown. ❋ Bill (Hulk) Bixby (2008)

Don’t [unpublish] [your definitions] [unless] it’s about s** or says s*** or f*** or a** ❋ YeltsA KciR (2021)

It’s not hard to [unpublish] a word of [urban dictionary], however it can be [tricky] unpublishing the correct one. ❋ No Air Bags We Die Like Men (2023)

Unpublished definitions ❋ I Hate Pee (2020)

[wow] once again i [wasted] [my time] on an unpublished defenition ❋ Originalnugman (2019)

bro: [This definition] is so bad, Soon, I will just [unpublish] this. Bro bro 2: Ok, bro [pls] do not dislike ❋ Someone Else Thats Not U Fan (2021)

Mom: "hey [hon], what's that your [reading]?" You: "oh, I'm reading unpublished storys from independent [writers] online. ❋ RollingPotato (2017)

1. Me: I should really unpublish this crap and everything I have created. 2. Friend: lol I just took a crappy embarrassing picture of something that contains you in it and im gonna [publish] it You: unpublish that shit right now before I snap your neck Friend: wtf is unpubli- 3. friend: whats [that word] again? where you.. uh.. unpublish something?? you: [idfk] man is it removify friend: thanks ❋ Qhantomia. (2022)

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