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Definitions and meanings of "Unsilenced"

What do we mean by unsilenced?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word unsilenced. Define unsilenced, unsilenced synonyms, unsilenced pronunciation, unsilenced translation, English dictionary definition of unsilenced.

Synonyms and Antonyms for Unsilenced

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The word "unsilenced" in example sentences

The unsilenced weapon bucked in his hand as Harvath let loose with a deafening three-round volley. ❋ Brad Thor (2005)

Hence my example of looking for unsilenced vertebrae in mushrooms would be more relevant - except that he would almost certainly be ignorant enough to put fungi in with plants, as the nature of that distinction was an even later scientific discovery than the rather obvious fact to many people at any rate! that plants are living things. ❋ Unknown (2005)

This is what worries him the most—if the police start shooting or if the Digger has to shoot with the unsilenced pistols Tye might wake up from the sound. ❋ JEFFERY DEAVER (2003)

Then: the stunning crack of the single, unsilenced gunshot. ❋ JEFFERY DEAVER (2003)

A burst from the unsilenced weapon would awaken the entire compound. ❋ Douglass, Keith (1991)

He got in the backseat, checking out the driver, kept his hand in his pocket around the grip of the now-unsilenced pistol. ❋ Deaver, Jeffery (1989)

Nay -- here we have the heart unsilenced yet unfierce, the gentle, not the ❋ Ethel Colburn Mayne (N/A)

"Everything is right" -- will continue false as long as there shall be upon the earth a single conscience unsilenced, as long as there shall be in a single heart ❋ Ernest Naville (N/A)

To take but one instance more fully: Observe the fierce and as yet unsilenced dispute which the proposal for the introduction of a binding and universal pact of non-aggression among the nations of Europe has aroused among the avowed supporters of the League of Nations — a League so auspiciously welcomed for the ideal that prompted its birth, yet now so utterly inadequate in the actual principles that underlie its present-day structure and working. ❋ 1897-1957 Shoghi Effendi (1927)

Remorse was deadened but conscience was yet unsilenced within him. ❋ Ridgwell Cullum (1905)

The moan was still unsilenced on her lips, and her distracted soul scarcely yet freed from the sick thought of a possible deliverance, when the everlasting strain of admonishment, and re-enumeration of her errors, again penetrated the hum of the crowd. ❋ Oliphant, Mrs. (1896)

In like manner, in the clear daylight of reason I could see the absurdity of my suspicion, but the vague stirrings of feeling remained unsilenced. ❋ Julian Hawthorne (1890)

General Jackson alone remained for the rest of his life unsilenced, obstinately reiterating a charge disproved by his own witnesses. ❋ Unknown (1888)

Fort Marabout, and several of the batteries on the shore, were still unsilenced; and two heavy guns, mounted on the Moncrieff system (by which the gun rose to a level of the parapet, fired, and instantly sank again), had continued to fire all day, in spite of the efforts of the fleet to silence them. ❋ Unknown (1867)

It is a wrong against which every fallen soldier in his grave, from Pennsylvania to Texas, utters an indignant and unsilenced rebuke. ❋ Unknown (1865)

Westminster was not then very well informed as to what happened in Lambeth, and probably it was not generally known that "Alasco," with all its supposed seditious utterances unsilenced, could be witnessed upon the ❋ Dutton Cook (1856)

But conscience, still unsilenced, whispered Lucilla! ❋ Edward Bulwer Lytton Lytton (1838)

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