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Definitions of "untellable"

  • That cannot be told; indefinable, indescribable or ineffable. adjective
  • defying expression or description adjective

The word "untellable" in example sentences

And this was to say nothing of my one diarist's duty still undischarged: If I was snuffed out here and now who would tell the untellable tale?. ['The Last Werewolf']

That is the first step in telling our most important untellable truths.. [George Lakoff: Untellable Truths]

Here are just a few examples of presently untellable truths:. [George Lakoff: Untellable Truths]

The conservative message machine has so dominated political discourse that they have changed the meaning of words and made some truths untellable by political leaders in present discourse.. [George Lakoff: Untellable Truths]

Such words have to be invented and will only come into common use when these presently untellable truths become commonplace truths.. [George Lakoff: Untellable Truths]

The main differences between this world and ours are these (at a “guiding principles” level anyway, of course the differences would “really” occur as an untellable metastasization, a fractal expansion headed down an inescapable and unexplorable rabbit hole):. [October 2008]

Martin Retsov shut his mouth on the untellable details, but they rolled on inexorably through his mind.. [The Elvis Latte]

In their magnificent Spanish style uniforms there would come a time when they would be vilified as ‘untellable lackey-soldiers’, the hundred Swiss would march in front of the King with their fife and three drums.. [Drummers Fifers and Music of the Kings Guard]

OpEdNews - Article: Sibel Edmonds Case: the untellable story of AIPAC. [Sibel Edmonds Case: the untellable story of AIPAC]

Pitching headlong into this first descent of the journey, we struggle, we suffer untellable grief, but we also wake up -- we begin to see ourselves and our lives for what they are.. [Before We Can Rise Up, We Must Go Down and Through]

“I have seen him,” I should say, needlessly, and seem to be on the verge of telling the untellable.. [A Modern Utopia]

All things were harmonious, the glorious cocoa-palms, the bright green slopes, the sunset gold on the lake-like river, the ranges of forest-covered mountains etherealizing in the purple light, the swarthy faces and scarlet uniforms of the Sikh guard, and rich and luscious odors, floated in on balmy airs, glories of the burning tropics, untellable and incommunicable!. [The Golden Chersonese and the way thither]

Mr. ROGER SIMON (Author, "Show Time: The American Political Circus and the Race for the White House"): Larry King's goat joke, the unrepeatable, untellable goat joke.. [Showtime: The American Political Circus and the Race for the White House]

Mr. SIMON: It's -- given the state of American media in the last two weeks, probably nothing is untellable on television anymore.. [Showtime: The American Political Circus and the Race for the White House]

Before I entered school I knew one more untellable thing.. [CLEAR PICTURES]

Through countless spaces and through untellable times that poignant thought sped; driven by a woman's fears, a woman's hopes, a woman's all-surpassing love; urged ever onward and ever outward by the irresistible force of a magnificent woman's frankly bared soul.. [Children of the Lens]

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There are untellable dreams that I hold No one will hear it, even after I pass away.

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