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Unthinkable is a 2010 American thriller film directed by Gregor Jordan and starring Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Sheen and Carrie-Anne Moss. It was released direct-to-video on June 14, 2010. The film is noteworthy for the controversy it generated around its subject matter, the torture of a man who threatens to detonate three nuclear bombs in separate U.S. cities..

What does the word unthinkable mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word unthinkable in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with unthinkable and anagrams of unthinkable.

Definitions of "unthinkable"

  • Impossible to imagine; inconceivable: an unthinkable amount of money. adjective
  • Contrary to what is plausible or probable: That this project would achieve ultimate success was unthinkable at the time. adjective
  • Not to be thought of or considered; out of the question: Raising taxes was politically unthinkable. adjective
  • Incapable of being believed; incredible. adjective
  • Inconceivable or unimaginable; extremely improbable in a way that goes against common sense. adjective
  • That cannot be made an object of thought; that cannot be thought; incogitable.
  • incapable of being conceived or considered adjective

The word "unthinkable" in example sentences

The courage to face the unthinkable is at the core of this magnificent new novel.. [Blue Diary: Summary and book reviews of Blue Diary by Alice Hoffman.]

The one option you need to regard as unthinkable is to stay with this person.. [Carolyn Hax: Boyfriend reacts to breakup with threats]

The unthinkable is the collapse of the banking system.. [3M CEO George Buckley focuses on leadership training]

The 1970s saw the dawn of the "personal computer" -- a phrase unthinkable a mere decade earlier, when computers had shrunk from boxcar-sized to merely pickup-truck-sized ... but were not expected to shrink much more.. [From The Pentagon To Monty Python: The Internet Turns 40]

The 1970s saw the dawn of the "personal computer" -- a phrase unthinkable a mere decade earlier, when computers had shrunk from boxcar-sized to merely pickup-truck-sized... but were not expected to shrink much more.. [Chris Weigant: From The Pentagon To Monty Python: The Internet Turns 40]

In the event you dont know what the unthinkable is .... it is her getting her butt kicked as is happening now. pretty soon this BS will be over and the country can get on with electing our next president.. [Full Michigan delegation with half-vote to be seated by Dems]

Just as unthinkable is reconstruction in a bowl below sea level and below the level of the river and lake in an area subject to increasingly frequent hurricanes on terrain slowly sinking into the Gulf of Mexico.. [Should New Orleans be rebuilt? « BuzzMachine]

The unthinkable is placed inside and is made, as the unthinkable,. [Introduction]

As a result, the unthinkable is placed inside and is made, as the unthinkable, a constitutive part of this theory, rather than positioned beyond the purview of or otherwise outside the theory. 11. [Thinking Singularity with Immanuel Kant and Paul de Man: Aesthetics, Epistemology, History and Politics]

Syndicated columnist and CNN commentator and talk show host Robert Novak revealed a confidential source this week; something he called unthinkable, except in these extraordinary circumstances.. [CNN Transcript Jul 14, 2001]

What is so surprising and startling, since I wrote a blog suggesting that those who tirelessly worked to elect Barack Obama president consider the "unthinkable" -- a Democratic Primary challenge to his reelection -- persons have ascribed to me "wisdom" or "insanity" for the mere expression of my personal political opinion.. [Clarence B. Jones: Maybe We Can't Handle the Truth]

Under such circumstances, why shouldn't those who invested their heart and soul and hopes in Obama think the "unthinkable" -- a challenge to his reelection?. [Clarence B. Jones: Maybe We Can't Handle the Truth]

So tomorrow's church leaders are almost "unthinkable" -- they're not easily defined by either past or present concepts.. [December Christian Science Fiction/Fantasy Blog Tour Day 2]

Because he was asking them to accept what most thought was "unthinkable" - recognizing and thus legitimizing Israel's existence inside its pre-1967 borders in return for only 22% of all the land the Palestinians were claiming.. [Palestine Blogs aggregator]

The 'Indiana Jones' actor - who earlier this week branded a move made seven years ago by Mayor Daley of Chicago to bulldoze an airport "unthinkable" - has been hit back at by the mayor who said he should stop flaunting his wealth.. [The Earth Times Online Newspaper]

It's our history, and for those of us living in the State of Israel, the unthinkable is our daily reality.. [Rhianna Tyson Kreger: Rethinking Israeli Security]

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@lewis_goodall: The more I think about it, the more I think the thing missing in our political leadership (on every side) right now is c…


@MRVChennai: Suspend Senior Designation of Nalini and P Chidambaram, Journo to CJI...⁦@jgopikrishnan70⁩ does the unthinkable. Let us see…


@Remain_Labour: That's it. Party policy agreed at #Labour Conference means our position must now move on. We failed to secure an immedia…

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