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The word "untidiest" in example sentences

He finds Britannia damp, cheerless and unwelcoming, partly because of the climate and partly because lack of funds means he is sharing a condemned house with a tribe of mice, a litter of boisterous puppies and the untidiest medic in the Army. ❋ Carla (2010)

The car of the balloon was small and neat, some bags of ballast the untidiest of its contents, and he had found a light folding-table and put it at his elbow, and on that was a glass with champagne. ❋ Herbert George (2006)

In her anxiety to put space between them she bad walked to the furthest and untidiest corner of the room, where half a dozen canvases leaned with their faces to the wall. ❋ Sara Jeannette Duncan (N/A)

The bloods wore evening dress; even the untidiest junior oiled his hair and put on a clean collar. ❋ Alec Waugh (1939)

Even the shabbiest little girls had a clean white pinafore to hide deficiencies beneath, and the untidiest little boy showed a scrubbed face. ❋ Unknown (1914)

I saw her in bed, asleep, with her work not half done, lying about the room in the untidiest way. ❋ Wilkie Collins (1856)

He was the untidiest, yet most effective footballer of his generation. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Choosing the little girl whose face was the dirtiest and hair the untidiest of any she could see, she led her gently away to a place where a good bowl of warm water and plenty of soap were at hand, and, with the air of bestowing the greatest kindness of all, fell to work to such purpose that in a few minutes the child went back to the garden a resplendent being, positively clean and kempt for the first time in her life. ❋ George Gissing (1880)

He says you are the untidiest, most unruly lot of children in Sydney, and he will punish you each time you do anything, and -- " ❋ Ethel Sybil Turner (1915)

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What does untidiest mean?

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