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The word "upbound" in example sentences

We could turn at the next intersection and take the first upbound street after that. ❋ Anderson, Poul, 1926- (1998)

There were hairpin turns, but the road's edge was marked by white lines and protected by guardrails, and double yellow lines separated the upbound and downbound lanes. ❋ Braun, Lilian Jackson (1992)

The ordeal of the last two hours had been stupefying, but now he gathered his wits and followed the other vehicle gratefully as it led the way back down the narrow road to a fork, where it turned onto an upbound trail. ❋ Braun, Lilian Jackson (1992)

There was also a substantial upbound movement of manufactured goods from all parts of the world, as well as of imports of certain essential raw materials not to be found in Canada. ❋ Unknown (1966)

It promises to be all the greater because upbound vessels with ore and other cargoes will find it of advantage to carry grain and other downbound cargoes making for a greater economy in the use of the vessels. ❋ Unknown (1955)

From Lake Erie to the head of the Lakes, a distance of 970 miles with controlling navigation channels of 25 feet downbound and 21 feet upbound. ❋ Unknown (1955)

When we travel by horse or by modern motor car in that now accessible region and look about us, we should not fail to reflect on the long trail of the upbound boats which Manuel Lisa and other traders sent out almost immediately upon the return of the Lewis and Clark expedition. ❋ Emerson Hough (1890)

Wailing her woe, the widow {41a} old, her hair upbound, for Beowulf's death sung in her sorrow, and said full oft she dreaded the doleful days to come, deaths enow, and doom of battle, and shame. ❋ Anonymous (1887)

Andrews tried to get the conductor to move on to Adairsville and there meet the upbound passenger train; but that official was too badly scared by the danger he had just escaped to take any more chances, and he refused to budge until the other train should arrive. ❋ Joel Chandler Harris (1878)

A boot - black whose stand is near Heilwiggs ', reported that he saw one of the' Gray Women 'pick up something, and get on an upbound car. ❋ Unknown (1872)

You didn't talk about the gas or natural gas that has been in the past somewhat of a drain and I know natural gas and utilities were relatively high for normal retailers, you guys with the roasting facility, I wondered if there was any pressure in the margins in 3Q that we might see upbound a little bit in '09 and provide some margin relief as well. ❋ Unknown (2008)

They didn’t try to board an upbound boat in O, in case someone there recognized them, realized they must have escaped, and took them back into custody, jewels and all. ❋ Orson Scott Card (2010)

Wailing her woe, the widow 123 old, her hair upbound, for Beowulf’s death sung in her sorrow, and said full oft she dreaded the doleful days to come, deaths enow, and doom of battle, and shame. — ❋ Unknown (2003)

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