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Definitions of "uplifted"

  • Simple past tense and past participle of uplift. verb
  • exalted emotionally especially with pride adjective

The word "uplifted" in example sentences

Nor alone his mother, but divers conventional generations, even back to the sturdy ancestor who first uplifted from the soil and looked down.. [CHAPTER 7]

Crowning the granite shaft, with wings outstretched and arms uplifted, is an angel of victory over-topping the mother and her sons.. [Canadian Cities of Romance]

He seemed to sit in the theatre himself had built, and to behold the semblance of the countless Roman multitude, and hear his name uplifted to the stars by joyous voices, and all the roaring benches vying in their applause.. [Post-Augustan Poetry From Seneca to Juvenal]

With that exclamation, Bent Nose charged, sword uplifted to split Lalo like a stick of kindling.. [Conan the Indomitable]

In the high ecstasy of conflict he stood in his stirrups, sword uplifted, battle shout on his lips.. [Lee’s Lieutenants]

It was never known who the officer was that gave the order to cease firing; he appeared in front of our lines, mounted, with sword uplifted when he gave the order, which was recognized by our company officers, they mistaking him for an aide-de-camp or staff officer.. [History of Company F, 1st Regiment, R.I. Volunteers, during the Spring and Summer of 1861]

When he had made a few steps on the grass-grown pathway towards the door, of a sudden he saw, coming from the church, thirty tall knights, each a foot higher than he, each in black armour, and each with sword uplifted, as they rushed towards him.. [King Arthur's Knights The Tales Re-told for Boys & Girls]

Before Odysseus could fix another arrow to the string, Amphinomus was upon him, with sword uplifted to slay him.. [Stories from the Odyssey]

So long accustomed to war against a barbarous enemy, I could almost fancy myself as much a Moor at heart, as I appeared in visage, when in your service on my way to Luxembourg, whenever I find my sword uplifted against a Christian breast!. [Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine — Volume 56, No. 345, July, 1844]

Down the dark street came rushing the heroic image of Joan of Arc, with sword uplifted, her head shining with the refulgence of the halo.. [The Camp Fire Girls at School Or, The Wohelo Weavers]

The squadron wheeled, headed by an officer, who rode upon him with sword uplifted as though to cut him down.. [The Mississippi Bubble]

Just as they thought they were safe from pursuit, they heard a loud rushing noise behind; and looking round, they saw the father of the bride close upon them on his Arab steed, with sword uplifted in his hand to strike.. [Hindu Tales from the Sanskrit]

The king saw it, and was turned into stone, just as he stood, with his sword uplifted and that terrible look of anger and passion in his face.. [Old Greek Stories]

But on the instant, the white-plumed hero wheeled, with his avenging sword uplifted, and the next thing the drummer-boy saw, as he lay bleeding on the ground, was a great black horse dashing riderless away.. [Stories of Many Lands]

Hawkesford fiercely engaged with a native officer, as he himself dashed on to attack another whom he had just cut down, when he heard a loud cry behind him: turning his head, he caught sight of his rival with his sword uplifted, to all appearance about to cut him down.. [The Young Rajah]

With sword uplifted, the assailant had already risen in his stirrups to smite, when, quick as lightning,. [The Life of Francis Marion]

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