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The world's punch-bag.  Urban Dictionary

The country where i live, run by a stupid f*ckhead and is going to shite.  Urban Dictionary

A country that regards itself as the greatest in the world but only 10% of americans have passports. How would they know then?  Urban Dictionary

A country with a hugely negative connotation to its name amongst the peoples of the world. A country thats reputation has been completely ruined and shot down by George W. Bush, and even in part by Ronald Reagan, even if he was ten times the president Bush will ever be. A country that is basically %10 retards, %90 good, wholesome people. A country with MANY accents, not just one loud and annoying one. Spanish, Jersey, New York, Boston, Northwestern, Northeastern, Southern, Indian, Middle-Eastern (as in, the Middle East, other side of the globe,) Mid-Western, all these types of accents and more. So don't bother assuming we all have the same accents. I know there are many variations of accents in the U.K. I know there are differences in Australian accents. I know the difference between the U.K, Britain, and England. So do a lot of people who inhabit the U.S.A. We're not all a bunch of self-righteous pricks who go parading around exclaiming our superiority out of every country in the world. Approximately %15 percent of us support our moronic President, and only about %10 of us support our horrific Congress. Did you get that? NOT ALL OF US SUPPORT OUR GOVERNMENT. Yes, our measuring system is different from the worlds. Haha, guess what, we're not the only country who has a different system. Will you tell the kids in our schools that they are "learning wrong" and are "fucking idiots"? I don't think so. You say we spell wrong. We don't add u's to a lot of our words. Just because we're different doesn't mean we're wrong and stupid, and before you say "dat iz how dey orignaily rote stuffz wen english wuz cretaed!1" then so be it. Many things have started out as one big thing and then things change. Take, I don't know, the Catholic Church. Different branches of religion. Will you call everybody but Catholics "wrong" because they don't do it "the original way?" Nope. It is a country sans-racism in most parts. It is a country full of loving, helping people. It is a country of educated, creative, and insightful people. It is a very diverse country with probably every culture from around the world mingled into our big ol' melting pot of a country. It is a country that understands that the rest of the world is NOT full of smelly, snooty people. We understand that South America does not equal "Jungle wasteland with monkeys and tall amazonian womenz." We understand that Europe is not only inhabited by "snobby pricks with weird accents who hate america" (Admittedly, a nice chunk of Europe hates us.) We understand that Asia is a) Not a country, and b) Not consisting of "a bunch of slanty-eyed funny-accented math geeks." We are not an ignorant people. Before you say "but ur newz stationz only sho u guyz newz corresponding to UR CUNTRY!111," we are well aware of that. We know what goes on in the world for the most part, thanks to the Internet and BBC America. We don't think of the French as smelly, nor of the English as snooty, nor of Australians as good surfers, nor of Asians as dorks, nor of Muslims as terrorists, nor of Brazilians as good soccer players, nor of Latinos as drug-smugglers who make spicy food, nor of Canadians as backwards liberalists, nor of Russians as commies, nor of Africans as aids-ridden mites, no matter what anybody else says. Yes we have our share of ignorant people who think like that, but are you going to tell me that America is the ONLY COUNTRY that has people who think like this? Not likely. If our government is in the Middle-East for oil, that is our government, and NOT us, the populace. If our government plotted against us in the 9/11 attacks, that is our GOVERNMENT, not the populace. If our government takes people from other nations and torture them, that is our GOVERNMENT, and NOT us. If our government keeps sending countless amounts of men and women into the Middle-East for an oil war, that is, again, our GOVERNMENT, AND NOT US. If you have encountered a stupid American traveling to your country, then don't let that be the only example of American that you use. I've met countless of ignorant British, Australian, French, Canadian tourists, but I know that they THEMSELVES are stupid, and NOT the people they represent. We have great athletes, we have great schools,(Our public, PUBLIC, education system is bad, but we have some of the finest universities in the world.) we have wonderful artists, we have good businessmen/women. We have good and bad, just like YOUR country has good and bad. Most of us love the world and its cultures. Most of the world hates us and our culture. As if we only had one definitive culture. If you hate America, then you are an ignorant prick. I feel sorry for you. I will NEVER hate an entire people based on the actions of one group or one part of them. Get your act together.  Urban Dictionary

-underaged sex available  Urban Dictionary

USA=U Stupid Asshole  Urban Dictionary

A bunch of fat fucks who have no fucking idea how to run theyre fucking country!!!!!!!!!  Urban Dictionary

A nation with a lot of cultural spoils, including cars, guns, tv, games, food, etc... a country with an amazing constitution tha many other countries are jealous of (including the brits) and decide to talk shit about with no logical and statistical basis. yes, we may be the fatest country in the world, but we also usually win the most gold medals in the olympics. we won ww1 and ww2 and saved the world ass twice. we also have the best military by a long shot. we also have the biggest expansion of varying sports. and we also have the biggest fact to tell the rest of the world. we are better. its just that simple... the only reasoning a non american has against americans is our disfuctional government. true, but that why our government has limited powers, its to keep shit stable. alot of europeans like to dis us for our efforts in the war on teror when they dont realize that their country most likely aided in this effort before pussying out of the conflict. if you think your country is better, shout me out my email at [email protected] but until then FUCK YOU!!! AMERICA FUCK YEAH!!!!!  Urban Dictionary

An acronym that can often be heard in chants.  Urban Dictionary

Usa  Urban Dictionary

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"man, i feel so [angry] today.*goes to urbandictionay.[com] and [types] an anti-us definition for usa*" ❋ Diablodude (2004)

"[i live] in the usa, but im moving [when i'm] [old enough]." ❋ Kennedi Greene (2007)

Are you [going to Europe] on holiday or [the USA]? Where's [Europe]? ❋ Ashteroid (2007)

I am an American, and I am damned proud of it. I respect your countries and cultures, and [god damn it], I want respect in return. I love [this country] and what it stands for, and I hate my [government]. I am educated and culturally aware. I am caring and respectful. I am an American. I am from the USA. ❋ A Proud American. (2008)

There is [a lot] of usa in this [club] [tonight] ❋ Courtney (2004)

guy1:i lost [the map],where [shall we] go now? guy2:[USA]!we are going to die! ❋ Lichking (2007)

[FUCK YOU] [USA] ❋ Devil Kisses (2009)

usa is [awesome]... [end of] [debate] ❋ Unclesam Man (2011)

[Chanting] [people]: [USA]! USA! USA! ❋ Mrcoolz (2007)

usa ❋ Kndnkfnaffj (2021)

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