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Definitions of "use"

  • To put into service or employ for a purpose. intransitive verb
  • To avail oneself of; practice. intransitive verb
  • To conduct oneself toward; treat or handle. intransitive verb
  • To seek or achieve an end by means of; exploit. intransitive verb
  • intransitive verb
  • To take or consume for a purpose. intransitive verb
  • To partake of, especially as a habit. intransitive verb
  • Used in the past tense followed by to in order to indicate a former state, habitual practice, or custom. intransitive verb
  • To take an illegal or narcotic drug, especially as a habit. intransitive verb
  • noun
  • The act of using something; the application or employment of something for a purpose. noun
  • The condition or fact of being used. noun
  • The manner of using; usage. noun
  • noun
  • The permission, privilege, or benefit of using something. noun
  • The power or ability to use something. noun
  • The need or occasion to use or employ something. noun
  • The quality of being suitable or adaptable to an end; usefulness. noun
  • A purpose for which something is used. noun

The word "use" in example sentences

Useful for many years to come…..use it to conceive and then use it under a crystal candy bowl on your end table.. [Regretsy – Natural Selection]

Useful for many years to come…..use it to conceive and then use it under a crystal candy bowl on your end table.. [Regretsy – Natural Selection]

«Against the swine one can use the same weapons they use».. [Is The FARC A terrorist organisation ?]

Now, since the most important aspect of a thing is what we can do with it, what use it can be to us, usually meaning centers about _use_.. [The Science of Human Nature A Psychology for Beginners]

Sterilise these before use by boiling, and disinfect them _after use_ by the same means.. [The Elements of Bacteriological Technique A Laboratory Guide for Medical, Dental, and Technical Students. Second Edition Rewritten and Enlarged.]

By proper use of the contents of this package disease may be prevented, as the action upon the germs is as effective as can be secured by the latest scientific knowledge; if exposed, _use within two hours_.. [Safe Marriage A Return to Sanity]

But the innovation reached even to the commonest words in every-day use, so that _voice_ drove out _steven, poor_ drove out _earm_, and _color, use_, and _place_ made good their footing beside. [From Chaucer to Tennyson]

A healthy man can't use them in moderation, because _use_ is. [The Floating Light of the Goodwin Sands]

"For we would give much to use violent thefts," which is objectionable, not merely because it wanders from the text, but because it inserts a phrase, "to _use_ violent thefts," which is awkward and unlike Shakspeare.. [Notes and Queries, Number 54, November 9, 1850 A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc.]

The use of every organ has been discovered by starting from the assumption _that it must have some use_.. [Christianity and Greek Philosophy or, the relation between spontaneous and reflective thought in Greece and the positive teaching of Christ and His Apostles]

Never debate in your mind, Willy, of what use are these things which God has made -- for of what _use_, then, is man, the most endowed and the most perverse of all creation, except to show the goodness and the forbearance of the Almighty!. [The King's Own]

Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use**** I DO NOT OWN THE CLIP!. [ - Articles related to Platinum Recording Artists Rihanna and Justin Bieber to Perform Live at Nickelodeon's 23rd Annual Kids' Choice Awards Airing Saturday, March 27 from Los Angeles]

"Pak Anwar was the one who really supported the use of the YPPI money, saying if it was for the institution's interest, then * the use* should be approved," former Bank Indonesia director for legal division Oey Hoey Tiong, earlier convicted in the case, told the Corruption Court on Tuesday.. [The Jakarta Post Breaking News]

Note: IBM lent insight & experience from usage of its own tools, client experienceFuture use case scenarios: the company plans to develop \'use cases\ 'for the tools, such as drawing together resources from around the world to build a complex product.. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

I have Word, and 'use it' to open Word documents that don't open quite right otherwise. do I * use* it? well, yes, I have to sometimes edit stuff others send me.. [MyAppleMenu]

_nor_ that the powers of even _ordinary legislation_ cannot do it, -- _nor_ that the clause granting Congress "exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever over such District," gives no power to do it; but that the _unexpressed expectation_ of one of the parties that the other would not "in _all_ cases" _use_ the power which said party had consented _might be used_ "_in all cases_," _prohibits_ the use of it.. [The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus]

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  • PronunciationsY UW1 S IY1 P R OW0 N AH1 N S IY0 EY1 SH AH0 N S Y UW1 S K AH0 N AA1 N AH0 K AH0 L AA1 L S
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  • Hyphenation use
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