Definitions and meanings of "User"

What do we mean by user?

One that uses. noun

One who uses a computer, computer program, or online service. noun

One who uses addictive drugs. noun

One who or that which uses. noun

In law, the using or exercise, as of a right; continued use or enjoyment; the acting in a manner which implies a claim of right so to do. See non-user. noun

The presumptive right arising from continued user. noun

One who uses. noun

Enjoyment of property; use. noun

One who uses or makes use of something, a consumer. noun

A person who uses drugs, especially illegal drugs. noun

A person who uses a computer or a computing network, especially a person who has received a user account. noun

An exploiter, an abusive user (a person who uses something or someone unfairly, selfishly and/or unethically). noun

A person who makes use of a thing; someone who uses or employs something noun

A person who uses something or someone selfishly or unethically noun

A person who takes drugs noun

One who uses or makes use of something, a consumer/client or an express or implied licensee (free user) or a trespasser.

A person who uses drugs, especially illegal drugs.

A person who uses a computer or a computing network, especially a person who has received a user account.

An exploiter, an abuser (a person who "uses" people, that is treats and regards people unfairly, selfishly and/or unethically).

In land law, meaning either 1. or 2. above or use. Usually in singular form to mean use wherever there is assiduous re-use of precedents and aloof textbooks verbatim. Modern law, guarded against ambiguity, widely disfavors the term.

User (n.) - a person who uses a friend or aquaintance solely for the purposes of gaining a type of advantage; whether it be: 1) when no one else is around, they need someone (like you) to take them places 2) someone who doesn't include you in any activities that they have with their friends, who you too, are friends with, yet YOU would invite him or her in a heart beat 3) a person who completely ignores you when he or she is with a group of people who may be cooler than you 4) a person who can call you ANYTIME and you would be there for them, and yet if you try to call him or her, they will not pick up; however, ONLY for using purposes he or she would pick up, like if he or she needs a RIDE somewhere (yet they would pick up their phone for any other person) 5) a person who constantly gives you excuses...when you know he or she is completely full of SHIT and even after all this, this person still calls you their "friend"  Urban Dictionary

A person who is only nice when he needs something.  Urban Dictionary

Someone who toys with anothers emotions just to recive what they desire from that person  Urban Dictionary

Person who is nice to someone else to gain an advantage  Urban Dictionary

A gf who is obviously doing the dirty on you and when you question it she has the audcity to say you're paranoid or denies using by saying she feels cheated  Urban Dictionary

As in the Tron films, a term to define a human interfacing in the Grid. Can be used as a general term or in a derogatory context.  Urban Dictionary

N. The word computer professionals use when they mean "idiot."  Urban Dictionary

The act or form of using; to use someone to get what they have without needing to pay for it; the dizzler, a-train, fons and vons are all users  Urban Dictionary

1. The 'audience', so to speak, of a programmer's code. 2. One participating in computer usage. Usually doing something totally unproductive, like looking at porn, playing solitaire, and otherwise generally not working. Bane of sysadmins. 3. See luser.  Urban Dictionary

Software developer slang for chump.  Urban Dictionary

The word "user" in example sentences

How to use user in a sentence? Example sentences with the user, a sentence example for user, and how to make user in sample sentence, how do I use the word user in a sentence? How do you spell user in a sentence?

This will make the first number-part to show the posts of the user (the one of the profile) and the number next to it will be the total posts made by all of the users. sprintf ($user - > lang [ 'POST_PCT'], $percentage), ❋ Threetrees (2010)

"WHERE pu. user_id =". $user - > data [ 'user_id'] correctly im telling it that to match pu. user_id to the phpbb3 user id? pu. user_id IS the phpbb user_id the table and field which contains the chatters and their ids is fc. userid data [ 'user_id'] cheers, i appreciate the help ❋ Unknown (2010)

I installed postfix on my server but i'm not able to send emails: they go out with user@localhost instead of user@ [user-no-ip]. ❋ D4ng3r92 (2010)

* Display user activity (action forum/topic) function display_user_activity (& $userdata) global $auth, $template, $db, $user; global $phpbb_root_path, $phpEx; ❋ Hottybottie (2010)

Just thought you would like to know. hi, phpbb seems to drop the $user - > theme [ 'template_inherits_id']; value when sending a pm to another user. here for details ❋ Wolfman24 (2010)

* Example call: $user-lang ( 'NUM_POSTS_IN_QUEUE', 1); function user_lang () global $user; ❋ JackMorgan (2010)

"SELECT user FROM NTKAUCTIONSC_aboutmeusers WHERE user =". intval ($user); $res_ab = ❋ Coley2k7 (2010)

I'm looking for a function that I can use like $user - > data [username] except where it doesn't get the current logged in user's data it gets the data for a user with the ID (or username) you give. ❋ TBO2 (2010)

Speaking of Clojure, the example in P1. 0 p172 doesn't seem to work. user = > (def foo 10) #'user/foo user = > (binding [foo 42] foo) user = > ❋ Unknown (2010)

* Display user notes function mcp_notes_user_view ($action) global $phpEx, $phpbb_root_path, $config; global $template, $db, $user, $auth; ❋ Unknown (2010)

Factory (: user,: active = false) User. active.should_not include (@user) end end ❋ Unknown (2010)

AND ` user ` LIKE \ "'. ($user - > name).' \% \" ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 0, 30 '; $result = $db - > setQuery ($query); $rows = ❋ Unknown (2009)

OR user LIKE \ "'. $user.'\%\"'; $result = $db - > setQuery ($query); $rows = $db - > loadObjectList (); foreach ($rows as $row) {$table_user - > delete ($row - > id);} $mainframe - ❋ Unknown (2009)

Most of us will want to do something with the result of the authentication and can do so with the boolean return value of authenticate_or_request_with_http_digest: class ArticlesController < ApplicationController before_filter: digest_authenticate def digest_authenticate success = authenticate_or_request_with_http_digest ( "Admin") do | username | (@user = User. find_by_username (username)). try (cleartext_password) end # If authentication succeeds, log the user in. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[Lianna] was a user [to Charlie] because she felt, [why not]? ❋ Charlie D. (2005)

[Joe] is a total user. [The guy] is only nice when he [needs] something. ❋ Mr. Dillon Dollar Man (2012)

[turned out] [cody] was [just] a user ❋ Kagome_1274 (2006)

SHe [used] him to get an A in [the class]. ❋ Bart (2004)

[Turns out] [the bitch] was a user. Playing him [good and proper]. ❋ Shat On! (2014)

Of course that guy doesn't know how to [ride] a light [cycle] in the [arena]! That guy is such a stupid user." ❋ Triffin (2011)

You, [good sir], are [a fucking] user. ❋ HellShade (2005)

i used the user today for some [free pizza] and [snow] on a [tv]. ❋ Pete-Rock (2004)

1. This algorithm is designed specifically to frustrate the user. 2. [Sysadmin]: Oops, sorry user, looks like I deleted all your projects while you were playing [Freecell]. 3. See [luser]. ❋ Der Capitan (2003)

"I just sold that user a [software] [upgrade] that fixes the [bugs] I put in the last version, and makes new ones!" "Nice" ❋ Sinan Alpsu (2005)

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