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Not you at all Urban Dictionary

A lesson about committing you’re heart to a relationship too swiftly Urban Dictionary

Most Valuable Drunk refers to the member of your crew that can be counted on each time he or she is wasted for severeal things: 1)They will make several questionable jokes 2)They will promise things without thinking, sometimes with no possible positive outcome 3)They will always be the life of the party, whether people are laughing at them, or with them Urban Dictionary

Portions of gold holding significant value. These particular gems are regarded with high honor by many of the rural tribes of the bering sea and African feldspar lemers. Urban Dictionary

A conversation between two same sex people, about their own sexual exploits between exclusive partners. Urban Dictionary

The best drinker of the group. The life of the party. Urban Dictionary

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The word "valuably" in example sentences

The story is that two scientists are hard at work synthesising life in order to create valuably needed proteins. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The jewelry box of resources from which distributist can draw has been permanently and valuably expanded. ❋ Donald Goodman (2009)

Would not our time have been more valuably spent rounding up all the able-bodied men in town for an impromptu hunt? ❋ William James Henry (2009)

Most valuably, Mr. Colucci shows Justice Kennedy's judicial philosophy to be a deeply rooted one and not, as one might suspect, the result of varied decisions that require a casuist or law professor to make coherent. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Lanser's essay valuably helps to explain some of literature's peculiar place in the deployment of sexuality because of its ability to install sexuality not only in semantic meaning but also in extrasemantic aspects of language. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Buying prepared foods is based on the idea that my time is more valuably spent on other things; not working 60 hours/week or so frees up a lot of time, and cuts its "market" value accordingly. ❋ Walter Jon Williams (2008)

At the same time, as I argued in Towards a Common Law Originalism, historical indeterminacy should not simply cause the Court to give up in despair; instead, it can valuably investigate the historical record to ascertain the reasons and arguments for the particular positions that this record might support before arriving at its own conclusions. ❋ Mary L. Dudziak (2008)

It hurt a little at the time, but Bob Uth did me the great favor of weaning me from those raw tendencies with some valuably blunt, constructive criticism. ❋ Unknown (2008)

He makes the legislative judgment -- a strikingly implausible one -- that racial preferences valuably enhance "solidarity" and "fraternity" and diminish the risk of "racial division." ❋ Unknown (2008)

Imperial ambition and financial necessity drove Ismail south, where Egypt had an uncontested claim to the resources of the Sudan: ivory, rubber, hardwood, and, most valuably, slaves. ❋ Dominic Green (2007)

Sometimes it happens that a news story personifying of a social problem, while not directly advancing analysis, can valuably crystallize the issues. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Yes, that individualism, that perseverance of the shrewd loner is the source of that behavior and if we want to praise something uniquely and most valuably American we should appreciate the DARE and bless the ones who are not afraid to go against the flow. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Valuable: The [opposite] of [your life] ❋ Qutex (2021)

[Taylor] have Valuable Pain ❋ Valuable Pain (2019)

Eric: Yo how did this shit even get started...I don't wanna have [a team fight] with these [ninja's], who got us into this shit? Matt: Sighhh...It was our [MVD], at work again... Jay: You guys need me, im the Most Valuable Drunk! They're not that fast... ❋ King Jay (2008)

n00b1: [checks out] them sick [valuable gold nuggets], what do you estimate the value of 16 [cubic] centimeters? n00b2: I would have to say above 10,000, given their size and lustre ❋ Pce_Nug (2006)

Example.... Guy 1: Hey man I wanna have butt sex with you....... Man 2: [Hen] yea, that's like you and your partner. Man 2: Leaving for that I'm very sexually active in talking to you. Man 1: This gentleman is called [valuable sex knowledge], go home and be in fear of me. Guy 1: No, but kinda though...and because [I love my life]. ❋ Holy Omen (2022)

Dude he’s the [mvd], it wouldn’t be a party without the most [valuable] [drinker]. ❋ (2021)

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