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Definitions of "valuation"

  • The act or process of assessing value or price; an appraisal. noun
  • Assessed value or price. noun
  • An estimation or appreciation of worth, merit, or character. noun
  • The act of valuing. noun
  • Value set upon a thing; estimated worth; value; worth. noun
  • The plot survey comprises the measurement of the stand, or a given portion of it, upon isolated plots not in the form of strips. noun
  • The act of valuing, or of estimating value or worth; the act of setting a price; estimation; appraisement. noun
  • Value set upon a thing; estimated value or worth. noun
  • An estimation of something's worth. noun
  • The process of estimating the market value of a financial asset or liability. noun
  • An assignment of truth values to propositional variables, with a corresponding assignment of truth values to all propositional formulas with those variables (obtained through the recursive application of truth-valued functions corresponding to the logical connectives making up those formulas). noun
  • A structure, and the corresponding assignment of a truth value to each sentence in the language for that structure. noun
  • A measure of size or multiplicity. noun
  • A map from the class of open sets of a topological space to the set of positive real numbers including infinity. noun
  • an appraisal of the value of something noun
  • assessed price noun

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Valuation Word Data

  • Pronunciationsvăl″yoo͞-ā′shən
  • Character9
  • Hyphenation val u a tion


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