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Definitions of "vantages"

  • Plural form of vantage. noun

The word "vantages" in example sentences

Mr. Attlee won't be satisfied until he experiences pure, undiluted moonlight under the most perfect conditions and from the most remote vantages.. [Serious Moonlight]

Prisoner Pair is not so much a consciously painterly move for one thing, the film is shot from several different vantages as an exploration of the metaphoric potential of its subject.. [Tacita Dean at the Common Guild - review]

What is gained by presenting the episode from both men’s vantages?. [Fall of Frost by Brian Hall: Questions]

The Senator had barely moved, but his petulant glower had grown deeper as I talked; Pinkerton had listened intently, nodding and sniffing now and then and occasionally prowling about to view me from different vantages.. [THE NUMBERS]

And it would be far more interesting to actually discuss the attitudes of these workers from their own vantages, instead of just assuming, apriori, that they are oppressed simply because part of their work involves commodified sexual appeal.. [What Warrants A Slide Show? » Sociological Images]

All that said, it's a fraction of the pressure I felt making "The Da Vinci Code," since the novel was already controversial and had been viewed from so many different vantages and perspectives.. [Code Warrior]

From certain vantages the city was all haunted silhouette, secrei and recessed, its neon ego shut down.. [Underworld]

I'm in a press room a few yards from the studio, which is crammed full of kids and has no real seating (thus has no good vantages from which to live-blog).. [Live Blog from the Final MTV/MySpace Dialogue]

Dispersed between its three moons, she perceived the approach of the Kollotuul from multiple vantages.. [Reap the Whirlwind]

More often I would just attempt to imagine the landscape from various vantages on the maps.. [Imagination]

Heroes, I told him, ought not to make a jest of those, who, on comparison, gave them all their ad-vantages.. [Sir Charles Grandison]

You young ladies, proceeded he, have great ad-vantages in certain cases over us men; and this (which I little thought of till it came to be my own case) whether we speak for our kindred or for our-selves.. [Sir Charles Grandison]

But Danny solved the mystery by pointing upwards, and showing them how he had been used to climb to a projecting rock over their heads, and from thence creep round by certain vantages of the stone till he was able to let himself down into the aperture.. [Tales of all countries]

In regard of which want they thought it conuenient not to pursue the Spaniards any longer, because they had many great vantages of the English, namely for the extraordinary bignesse of their ships, and also for that they were so neerely conioyned, and kept in so good array, that they could by no meanes be fought withall one to one.. [The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation]

To the extent those steps are described in great detail, it vantages nobody other than the terrorists.. [CNN Transcript Feb 12, 2003]

MacMurrough heard, or fancied he heard, the commentary kept up: the accuracy of fire debated, the different weaponry compared, alternative venues cried up or down, the better vantages disputed.. [At Swim, Two Boys]

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If it's fact from all vantages of focus as it speaks ; the truth "if it grabs you it grabs you."


@AMR_Official @24hoursoflemans @OfficialTFSport AMR! I'm dying to see a pair of GTLM new Vantages in IMSA!!


Quais as vantages do TIM Beta?

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