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1. Pronounced Vair-in (Noun)A Toho monster that has only been in two movies, not counting stock footage in Godzilla: Final Wars. Movies- Varan, the Unbelievable (1958) Destroy all Monsters (1968, cameo) 2. Pronounced Vuhron. (Verb) The act of saying dully. Coined after the dullness of the American Varan. Urban Dictionary

Michael Hunter Hutter's (aka Ethan Carter III) long lost brother. He plays professional football but can hardly be considered as professional himself based on how bad he is at defending. Urban Dictionary

Vizeh hate this two Urban Dictionary

The defensive duo used by cowards in FIFA 21. Urban Dictionary

Hottest and sexiest mf alive. If you ever see him, then be ready for a day of joy. Urban Dictionary

Based on the Indian name Saravaran, Varan is a shorthand way for Indians to call each other idiots. Urban Dictionary

Sivanesh varan is a most handsome guy and he is like a some actor,he is lovable girl sighter Urban Dictionary

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The word "varan" in example sentences

Corn Crush with spring onions, varan bath, puri and cucumber cuts ❋ Anjali (2008)

Anita you know what I am waiting for the chef to visit soon but he craves for roti/varan bhat so can't get him to eat pao when he come over. ❋ Anjali (2007)

Finally, another varan recipe from Saylee D., who has her own stock market blogs but is now sharing a recipe for Varhadi Varan: Varhadi refers to food from the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra. ❋ Nupur (2007)

So far he has been one excellent tea brewer and knows how to use a cooker and makes himself varan, bhat and batata bhaaji. ❋ Anjali (2007)

Among some interesting recipes like pancharas amti (with mixed vegetables, cashews and coconut) and karlyache varan (dal with bitter gourd), I found something that looked seasonal and inviting: laal bhoplyachi amti or Pumpkin Amti. ❋ Nupur (2007)

Manasi from A Cook At Heart sprinkles spices and flour on to perfect eggplant rounds and fries them to a savory finish, then serves them with plain toor dal (varan) to make a double V comforting meal of Vangi Kaap and Varan Bhaat. ❋ Nupur (2007)

Meera, varan wt jeera is new n looks good- u know keeping the rest of recipe same, consistency thick, addition of 2 cloves garlic+2 green chilies in grinding and addition of boiled shenga during boiling stage makes it a differentmallu dish! ❋ Meera (2008)

Note: I know that what I am spelling as "waran" should technically be spelled "varan", but you will let that one slide, won't you? ❋ Nupur (2006)

Common reptiles in the ecoregion include the horned viper (Cerastes cerastes) and desert varan (Varanus griseus). ❋ Unknown (2008)

This amti is perfect when you want a daal that is not too spicy but neither do you want just varan. ❋ TheCooker (2007)

The contents of these lists keep varying, but one item is bound to figure: 'You know you are a Maharashtrian if you think varan-bhaat is the best food on Earth'. ❋ TheCooker (2007)

For most Maharashtrians varan-bhaat is the ultimate comfort food. ❋ TheCooker (2007)

Nupur: I agree, varan/dahi-bhaat + kaap; don't need much more. ❋ TheCooker (2007)

Add the varan, a cup of water, the salt and sugar. ❋ TheCooker (2007)

I take a shortcut now and add ghee and lemon juice to the varan itself. ❋ TheCooker (2007)

Toor daal varan with a simple phodni is another satisfying variation on a theme. ❋ TheCooker (2007)

Add some homemade toop ghee, a dash of salt and a squeeze of lemon, and there you have it: varan bhaat. ❋ TheCooker (2007)

There is no phodni but we add jeera and hing to the sada varan, too. ❋ TheCooker (2007)

1.Varan has [never been] seen fighting another [monster]. Some compare Varan to [Baragon]. 2. "What a cool house." John said Varanly. ❋ I Am Not Manda (2011)

Maybe Varane would have a more successful [career] doing [wrestling] rather than [football]. ❋ Kaneisabottler (2021)

i [hate] [Varane and Mendy] ❋ Varane Will Play For Newcastle (2020)

[Look], he uses Varane-Mendy! He mustn’t have [many] [friends]... ❋ GOAT Luis (2021)

He [looks like] Varan, so he [must] have [big dick energy] ❋ FriedSalad69420 (2021)

[Boi] you a [varan]. ❋ ADK1709 (2020)

Sivanesh varan ❋ Rishab Pant (2021)

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