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A completely badass marvel hero/villan depending on how you look at it. has some weird ass symbiot suit thats all black with the exception of a spider design on his chest and back.  Urban Dictionary

Used to describe something so cool it’s got the potential to knock you dead.  Urban Dictionary

Early speed metal that influenced extreme metal as a whole, not just black metal. Venom didn't play black metal, they just coined the term.  Urban Dictionary

One of Spider-Man's enemies. Venom's real name is Eddie Brock. He has teamed up with Spider-Man from time to time, and is displayed as a tragic hero much of the time, trying to save innocents but killing the criminals who have caused them harm. He is a large, black-suited creature with sharp teeth and a long tongue, large white eyes, and a white spider emblem on his chest and back.  Urban Dictionary

Two off-centre piercings in the tongue. One on either side of the centre. May be pierced in one or two sittings. They will often take a little longer to heal than having one piercing, due to the swelling of the tongue. Problems sometimes associated with venoms are chipped teeth, wearing of the gums and of the alveolar ridge. (Are said to improve fellatio!)  Urban Dictionary

An early black metal band. Said to have created the genre, inspired Kirk Hammet, Dave Mustaine and other kick ass Metal Guitarists.  Urban Dictionary

Two tongue piercings, one on the left, one on the right.  Urban Dictionary

Hailing from Newcastle, UK, Venom were (probably) the first black metal band (they did coin the term), which is proof that on the whole, us Brits/North Europeans created metal that is far superior to the majority of what comes out of the US (with the exception of Death, maybe)  Urban Dictionary

One of the best super villains in Marvel comics. He is one of Spider-Man's most powerful and dangerous villains. His alter ego is a troubled man named Eddie Brock. Tom Hardy will playing the villain in the upcoming Venom movie and hopefully they will give him more of a story than they did with Topher Grace's Venom in Spider-Man 3.  Urban Dictionary

It's when you shart and then reach back grab some of the feces and then wipe it on someone’s face. It’s a reverse Spiderman.  Urban Dictionary

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This question, posed in the first chapter of Ursula, Under, spills venomously from the lips of the inebriated Jinx Muehlenberg as her television beams to her the unfolding story of two-and-a-half-year-old   ❋ Unknown (2004)

"I'll give you thirty seconds," Larkin said venomously, meaning it.   ❋ Clavell, James, 1924- (1962)

O'Toole practically bursts off the screen, loudly agonizing about his split with Becket, venomously lashing out at his shrewish wife and mother, and cathartically baring his broken heart at a momentous encounter on the beach.   ❋ John Farr (2011)

Rivera's eyes burned venomously, but he made no sign of acknowledgment.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

It just removes them from the public debate, putting htem into the darkness where they can spread venomously.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

I put it to my ear as the robber in my grasp glared venomously at all of us agents.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Factions have formed, stability has become elusive and many fans have grown venomously angry.   ❋ Unknown (2011)

I put it to my ear as the robber in my grasp glared venomously at all of us Guards.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

“I hate you, stupid brute,” she hisses venomously.   ❋ Heather Fowler (2011)

She listened to Liz behind her, who was repetitively and venomously hitting the ‘on’ button of the photocopier.   ❋ Unknown (2008)

Welfare reform has swiftly become one of the most venomously disputed themes of these early months of the coalition government.   ❋ Amelia Gentleman (2010)

This braid of thought was venomously endorsed this week both by an uncharacteristically Kahane-sounding Alan Dershowitz, and the obscenely infantile Im Tirtzu movement.   ❋ Bradley Burston (2010)

Murray served as well as he has done all season, powerfully down the middle of the court, with swirling away swing on the backhand, and got his second serve to kick venomously.   ❋ Kevin Mitchell At O (2010)

He would have laughed lightly and cursed venomously in passing at the solemn owls – each one secretly chained by the leg – who now conduct his inquest.   ❋ Unknown (2008)

If James has nothing nice to say to the residents of Cleveland who've decided to irrationally and venomously vilify him, then that's perfectly reasonable.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Venom is going to be in spiderman 3 and I hope he fucks spiderman up. ❋ Joe (2004)

“Have you seen Tanya’s new kicks? Damn, son, they’ve got venom!” “Tell Leo I like his rain jacket. That shit’s straight venom.” Lizzo is the Girlboss we need. She’s straight venom. ❋ Yung Vinyl (2019)

Venom is just a satanic Motorhead. ❋ Victimizing Blitzkrieg (2007)

The Venom in Spider-Man 3, who was purple and the same size as Spider-Man, was a pitiful fucking excuse for Venom. ❋ 000Venom (2008)

Wow, you have venoms. Awesome. ❋ In_delirium (2007)

Venom totaly Kicks ass! ❋ ANTHRAXVIRIS (2005)

So. you got venoms. cool. ❋ Ryab (2005)

Venom are better than you. ❋ TimFS (2004)

"Venom will have his own movie in 2018 and I hope he fucks Carnage and Spider-Man up" ❋ Jimmy1996 (2017)

Scott didnt drive this week so he got a taste of the venom ❋ JTSD (2007)

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