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Definitions and meanings of "Ventilated"

What do we mean by ventilated?

To replace stale or noxious air with fresh.

To circulate air through a building, etc.

To provide with a vent.

To expose something to the circulation of fresh air.

To expose something to public examination or discussion.

To provide manual or mechanical breathing to a patient.

To shoot with a firearm; to pierce with bullets.

Transitive verb: To shoot someone, with the implication that the holes made in the body would allow wind to pass through. May also be applicable to stabbing. Attributed to Kirk Douglas's character Cactus Jack in the 1979 film, "The Villain." It is likely that no one has ever used this term seriously. It is usually heard as a humorous mock-threat between friends. Urban Dictionary

To shoot someone (from the notion of letting air into someone) Urban Dictionary

Bullet riddled body, body with holes in it. Urban Dictionary

(of a butt) being flat or poorly shaped. Urban Dictionary

Relief from an over-heated nightclub dance floor. Urban Dictionary

Shotgunning smoke into someone's nostrils. Blowing smoke into someone's nose. Urban Dictionary

A staple in many chemistry labs, the chicken ventilator can also be called a hood. You do chemistry in there, and on rare occasions, you may also see a mustached man smoking a cigarette or ventilating chickens. Urban Dictionary

Really technical shit describing a draft or ventilation on or in the 4th dimension. Science people classify it along with infinity. Urban Dictionary

An arrangement of ducts, tubes, fans, heaters and controls used to introduce fresh air into or expel foul or stagnant air out of an automobile Urban Dictionary

Cross ventilation Urban Dictionary

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The word "ventilated" in example sentences

All dwellings should be _freely ventilated_ during the _night_ as well as day, and it is a great mistake to suppose, as in Liberia (where every settler sleeps with every part of his house closely shut -- doors, windows, and all) that it is deletereous to have the house ventilated during the evening, although they go out to night meetings, visit each other in the evening, and frequently sit on their porches and piazzas till a late hour in the night, conversing, without any injurious effects whatever. ❋ Martin Robinson Delany (N/A)

Store them in ventilated plastic bags in your fridge. o Cure them at room temperature for several days before roasting. o Cut or cross cut the shells before roasting. o To roast them in your oven, place the nuts on a cookie sheetat 425 ºF for 25 minutes. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Such latrines are known as ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrines. ❋ Unknown (1992)

These are also known as ventilated improved pit (VIP) latrines ❋ Unknown (1992)

"The air is constantly being ventilated, which is good to know," she said. ❋ Unknown (2010)

When this initiative failed, he became amiably eccentric, lobbying the government with his "inventions," such as ventilated tents and waterproof boots that he thought would improve the lot of troops in the Crimea — another inspiration for Arthur, who would later pepper the War Office with ideas for innovations such as body armor. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Belleville Church property case, [November, 1837], ... the whole matter was "ventilated," and the result was that the legal decision of the highest judicial tribunal of the land confirmed the Wesleyan ❋ Egerton Ryerson (1842)

It has a chic small main window which in spite of the many buttons it has, keeps a nice, "ventilated" look. ❋ Softpedia Windows (2010)

His barrister, Robin Oppenheim QC, told London's High Court how the boy's multiple disabilities mean that he spends much of his time in a wheelchair and has to be 'ventilated' via a tracheostomy 24 hours-a-day and fed through a tube. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Then I apply Unilever Lynx Africa deodorant bodyspray, containing butane, isobutane, and polyaminopropyl Biguanide Stearate, holding the can 15cm from the body, and spraying in a ventilated place. ❋ Gordon McCabe (2009)

Because most homes are well-insulated but poorly ventilated, indoor air is actually three times as polluted as outdoor air, Galvez says. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Other attributes to look for are ventilated backs if you are going to be riding in the summer, and insulated gloves for the winter. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Also, the house was built against the perpendicular wall; and in the wall itself, shored by strong timbers, well drained and ventilated, we excavated two small rooms. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The facades are ventilated and finished with coniferous wood such as Flanders pine. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Unlike the patrol cap, which has ventilated sun protection, the beret isn't included on the deployment packing list. ❋ Unknown (2011)

In a hospital, during a code on a ventilated patient, somebody would probably be bagging the patient during the chest compressions. ❋ Not A Sheep (2009)

Safety: Standard equipment includes front and rear ventilated disc brakes, anti-lock brake protection, and electronic stability and traction control. ❋ Post (2011)

By 10:45 a.m., the building was ventilated and all the workers were allowed back inside. ❋ Matt Zapotosky (2011)

[Cactus Jack]: [Take] another [step] and I'll ventilate you! ❋ Evac156 (2005)

For [a second] I [thought] he was [going] to ventilate. ❋ The Return Of Light Joker (2007)

"[Yo] [jackass] you [wanna] get ventillated" ❋ Joel White (2005)

“She got a [nice ass]?” “[Nah man] that shit is [ventilated]”. ❋ Hanojnokreb (2023)

Girl, I'm [dyin'] in here. I've gotta [step] outside and get some [ventilation]. ❋ SuperPry (2010)

I gave her the ventilator and [smoke] [came] out her [mouth]. ❋ Skankypants (2015)

I was goin dahn the chem lab to [ventilate] [some chickens] when I found [grundle tickler] Frank smoking a cigarette in the chicken ventilator. ❋ John Dubich (2007)

After [baking brownies] [the room] sure needed cross-ventilation while my pants needed [washing]. ❋ Col. Klux (2003)

The new [Toyota Echo] 4-Door [Sedan] features [a heater] & boost ventilator. ❋ Iain K. MacLeod (2003)

[In the building] ❋ Anonymous (2003)

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