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What do we mean by ventra?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word ventra. Define ventra, ventra synonyms, ventra pronunciation, ventra translation, English dictionary definition of ventra.

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The word "ventra" in example sentences

The thoracic cavity is therefore considerably deeper in its posterior than in its anterior wall; and this occasions a difference of an opposite kind in the anterior and posterior walls of the abdomen; for while the abdomen ranges perpendicularly from E to W, its posterior range measures only from F to the ventra of the iliac bones, R. ❋ Joseph Maclise (N/A)

Zully Enriquez se dedica a la ventra de articulos de cosmetologia, invirtio el dinero en la compra de esos productos logrando ofrecer mayo variedad a sus clientes. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Oculi iridc cx fiavo, argentea; pinna adipofa parva, ferra 'ta; ventra/es nppendice auflae», arflicus. ❋ Unknown (1788)

{Gobiiis corpore latiflimo macnlofo: pinnis ventra - libus intrinlecus abdonii - ❋ Unknown (1788)

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What does ventra mean?

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