Character 6
Hyphenation vic tor
Pronunciations /ˈvɪk.tə(ɹ)/

Definitions and meanings of "Victor"

What do we mean by victor?

One who defeats an adversary; the winner in a fight, battle, contest, or struggle. noun

To play the victor; exult.

One who wins in a contest of any kind; one who vanquishes another in any struggle, especially in war; one who defeats an enemy in battle; a conqueror. noun

One who ruins or destroys; a destroyer. noun

Synonyms 1. Victor, Conqueror. A victor differs from a, conqueror inasmuchas the latter achieves a complete success and conquers his opponent perhaps after a scries of victories, while the victor is so called because of his success in a single or a particular contest, which may be otherwise barren of result to him. Victor is also applied to one who gains the day in a personal contest or competition, as in a race. noun


Victorious. adjective

The winner in a contest; one who gets the better of another in any struggle; esp., one who defeats an enemy in battle; a vanquisher; a conqueror; -- often followed by at, rarely by of. noun

A destroyer. noun

The winner in a fight or contest. noun

The letter V in the ICAO spelling alphabet. noun

A combatant who is able to defeat rivals noun

The contestant who wins the contest noun

The winner in a fight or contest.

The letter V in the ICAO spelling alphabet.

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The word "victor" in example sentences

The suffix - tor (- sor), Fem. - trīx, denotes _the agent_; as, -- victor, victrīx, _victor_; dēfēnsor, _defender_. ❋ Charles E. Bennett (N/A)

In almost every case the victor is the person who physically won the altercation, and this person often enjoys the esteem and respect of onlookers. ❋ Unknown (1994)

It always takes two; the "ripped" and the "ripper", the "victim" and the "victor". (the victor is not such to the victim, but certainly to his friends and family!). ❋ Unknown (2009)

Palin has had a stream of successes interrupted only by the 2008 election, which nothing but her personal popularity moved from being a total rout to a mere defeat (meanwhile the nominal victor is becoming the least effective president since Jimmy Carter and two years away his re-election prospects look dubious). ❋ Unknown (2010)

The film was also a big step forward in the careers of Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, and Seth Rogen (although I wish Romany Malco could find the same success), but the biggest victor is Apatow who transformed the brilliance of his television shows into two hours of comedy that finally brought the writer/director/producer the widespread respect and adulation he always deserved. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The eventual victor is One-Eye, Fang's father, with whom the she-wolf makes a home. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The problem stems, it would seem, from the insistence that the victor is now the loser and the loser the victor — that those concessions are merely the starting point for further negotiations instead of a generous (if self-interested) offer of mercy on the part of the victor. ❋ Unknown (2010)

If the victor is lucky, a seven-second highlight might appear somewhere in the evening news. ❋ Rafael Behr (2010)

Puma players/numbers font done by me in victor (maybe not so accurate). ❋ Azmie Aka Switch Image (2009)

Remember everyone, even if your candidate does not make the final cut .. the victor is merely the top representative of the Democratic Party .. he/she is NOT the party itself meaning he/she still must listen tot he voice of the party or inevitably end up a permanent political outcast. skylark ❋ Unknown (2008)

We're back to that fuzzy math where the victor is decided by hypothetical circumstances. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Anyone looking for football logo in victor format, VFL are the answer, still going improve and keep improve. ❋ Azmie Aka Switch Image (2007)

[Babe] Your [Just] Like [A Victor] ❋ TwinkleToes :) (2010)

guys.. [I think] he's [acting] like [a victor] ❋ HeheZEKE (2020)

“[oh wow] [your such a] victor” “you should be [more like] victor ❋ Slik Vic (2020)

The man walking into [the American Eagle] Outfitters store just [hopped] the [border] yesterday, proving he is a typical victor. ❋ Malaquias (2006)

[Victor] is [a dirty mexican] who does [yard work]. And gets under paid. ❋ GFangsta (2009)

[look at that] victor over there i just want him [to fuck] me [in the ass] ❋ Imaginemedraggindeeznutsacross (2020)

[yo] [chillen] with victor? ❋ Angelinaaaa ;-) (2006)

victor is [a beast] ❋ Becca|| 31 Days (2019)

Hey did you know Isaac and Mike are gay? I accidently saw them [pull a Victor] with each other. Man that shit [grossed] me out but I couldn’t help watch the [anal play]. ❋ Fast Freddie69 (2008)

[we should] go over there but hes with his girlfriend and i [dont wanna] be [a victor]. ❋ Waffles<3 (2008)

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