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The term victory (from Latin victoria) originally applied to warfare, and denotes success achieved in personal combat, after military operations in general or, by extension, in any competition. Success in a military campaign is considered a strategic victory, while the success in a military engagement is a tactical victory. In terms of human emotion, victory accompanies strong feelings of elation, and in human behaviour often exhibits movements and poses paralleling threat display preceding the combat, which are associated with the excess endorphin built up preceding and during combat. Victory dances and victory cries similarly parallel war dances and war cries performed before the outbreak of physical violence. Examples of victory behaviour reported in Roman antiquity, where the term victoria originated, include: the victory songs of the Batavi mercenaries serving under Gaius Julius Civilis after the victory over Quintus Petillius Cerialis in the Batavian rebellion of 69 AD (according to Tacitus); and also the "abominable song" to Wodan, sung by the Lombards at their victory celebration in 579. The sacrificial animal was a goat, around whose head the Langobards danced in a circle while singing their victory hymn. The Roman Republic and Empire celebrated victories with triumph ceremonies and with monuments such as victory columns (e.g. Trajan's Column) and arches. A trophy is a token of victory taken from the defeated party, such as the enemy's weapons (spolia), or body parts (as in the case of head hunters). Mythology often deifies victory, as in the cases of the Greek Nike or the Roman Victoria. The victorious agent is a hero, often portrayed as engaging in hand-to-hand combat with a monster (as Saint George slaying the dragon, Indra slaying Ahi, Thor slaying the Midgard Serpent etc.). Sol Invictus ("the Invincible Sun") of Roman mythology became an epithet of Christ in Christianity. Paul of Tarsus presents the resurrection of Christ as a victory over Death and Sin (1 Corinthians 15:55. The Latinate English-language word victory (from the 14th century) replaced the Old English equivalent term sige (cognate with Gothic sigis, Old High German sigu and Sieg in modern German), a frequent element in Germanic names (as in Sigibert, Sigurd etc.), cognate to Celtic sego- and Sanskrit sahas..

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Definitions of "victory"

  • Defeat of an enemy or opponent. noun
  • Success in a struggle against difficulties or an obstacle. noun
  • The state of having triumphed. noun
  • An instance of having won a competition or battle. noun
  • To achieve a victory verb
  • The defeat of an enemy in battle, or of an antagonist in any contest; a gaining of the superiority in any struggle or competition; conquest; triumph; -- the opposite of defeat. noun
  • The defeat or overcoming of an antagonist in a contest or an enemy in battle; triumph. noun
  • The advantage or superiority gained in any contest, as over passions, or over temptations, or in any moral or spiritual struggle. noun
  • A female deity of the Greeks and Romans, the personification of success in battle or in any active struggle. noun
  • a successful ending of a struggle or contest noun

The word "victory" in example sentences

Ahmadinejad's 'victory' saps the Islamic Republic yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Ahmadinejad\'s \'victory\' saps the Islamic Republic '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' Article: The Islamic Republic needs to seize the moment to respond to Iranians and the wider world before it traps itself into becoming the Islamic Republic of the Revolutionary Guards of Iran, an isolated military dictatorship akin to North Korea or Myanmar.. [Ahmadinejad's 'victory' saps the Islamic Republic]

VIEW FAVORITES yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Iraq’s election a victory for Iran, says Rafsanjani'; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Iran’s influential former president, on Friday called Iraq’s parliamentary elections a “victory” for Iran and said the vote had shattered any US expansionist ambitions in the Middle East.'. [OpEdNews - Quicklink: Iraq��s election a victory for Iran, says Rafsanjani]

"Yes," he murmured, "thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory -- _the victory_ -- victory!". [A Middy of the Slave Squadron A West African Story]

"The council shall assist the major party candidates and the president-elect by making every reasonable effort to facilitate the transition between administrations," Bush's order said. and a few more hosannah's ... world sees obama's victory as a new beginning for america* world celebrates barack obama victory* around the world, obama triumph lifts battered US image* the world reacts to president-elect obama: 'a new deal for a new world'* propelled by internet, obama wins presidency* how will president obama wield his vast internet army?. [media monarchy]

"I'm confident that we can use the word victory right now, which obviously sounds very good for the first elected Asian mayor of the city," Mr. Lee said to reporters in City Hall.. [Interim San Francisco Mayor Wins Vote]

In teh end, a McCain victory is a loss for all Americans.. [Catch Him if You Can - The Caucus Blog -]

It's rather interesting here, Lou, that the term victory has changed meaning.. [CNN Transcript Nov 20, 2006]

With Beckham, who arrived in 2007, Irish striker Robbie Keane and Donovan in the squad, the side has three 'designated players' paid above salary cap restrictions and anything less than a title victory would have been deemed a failure.. [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

The Galaxy deserved the victory after dominating the contest to secure a title victory that validates the franchise's lucrative investment in a star-studded roster.. [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

Gary Speed front row, second right made his professional debut for Leeds United in 1988 and four years later played a key role in their title victory as part of a midfield that also comprised Gordon Strachan, Gary McAllister and David Batty. [The Guardian World News]

The Russian sixth seed has is in the form of his life after beating Roger Federer in their last two meetings - having previously failed 12 times in a row - with the most recent coming en route to his title victory in Doha earlier this month.. [RTÉ News]

Simpson responded in the Girard Regional, where he scored 31 points in the semifinal win over Lincolnwood and 19 in the title victory over Nokomis.. [The State Journal-Register Home RSS]

After clinching his title victory, a euphoric Button said: 'It's really amazing especially after the last few weeks.. [Home | Mail Online]

Rashad Evans blasted his way into the Top 10 with his title victory over Forrest Griffin.. [Yahoo! Sports - Top News]

Corbett says his victory is an opportunity to bring fiscal discipline, limited government and free enterprise to Pennsylvania.. [Pennsylvania Posts GOP Gains Across The Board]

His best (only?) path to victory is to distance himself from the President and the national party and show voters why -- based on past performance -- he is the better choice to represent the state in Washington.. [Popularity isn't enough for Democrats this cycle]

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TurkishVictory English to Turkish Translate
i. zafer, yengi, utku, muzafferiyet, galebe; başarı.i. zafer, yengi, utku, muzafferiyet, galebe; başarı.

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  • Pronunciations(vĭkˈtə-rē)
  • Character7
  • Hyphenation vic to ry


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