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Pronunciations /vjuːz/

Definitions and meanings of "Views"

What do we mean by views?

(physical) Visual perception.

A picture, drawn or painted; a sketch.

(psychological) Opinion, judgement, imagination.

A virtual or logical table composed of the result set of a query in relational databases.

The part of a computer program which is visible to the user and can be interacted with

A wake.

An eclectic outlook on life - each separate one treasured by the owner of such. Urban Dictionary

Glasses. lenses within a frame worn on people's face to correct vision problems. Urban Dictionary

A daytime television show with a panel mixed of celebrity women and journalists who discuss mostly politics and news. Airs on ABC in USA and in Canada on affiliated networks to ABC. They tend to get really obnoxious and gross to listen to. They spew a large portion of opinion and empty comments without knowledge. If you really want to learn about politics read books and essays from political philosophers , theorists, or sociologists. Socialism-Communism read books from Karl Marx (marxism), Engels, Vladimir Lenin (Leninism), or Mao Zedong. Democracy "Enlightenment" read books from Smith, Locke, De Tocqueville, Hobbes or Rousseau. Anarchism read books from Noam Chomsky,Benjamin Tucker, Mikhail Bakhunin, William Godwin, Proudhon, Kropotkin, Ellul, or Emma Goldman. SO MANY MORE famous thinkers out there I haven't listed for all these political theories and thoughts on politics . Do not waste another minute of your life on this brainless show of idiotic women screaming nonsense. Urban Dictionary

A bunch of snotty, old and bitchy women arguing, bickering or discussing asinine topics. Urban Dictionary

A group of Karens Urban Dictionary

To some, it is a morning television program designed for women, on topics about women. To the rest of us, it's the chicken channel, for those times you've wandered what it feels like to step into a henhouse. Urban Dictionary

A gabfest on early morning TV for middle-aged and older women who are famous who talk about politics, gossip, everything but their men and the power of their dicks. Sometimes the hosts get obnoxious and argue with each other. Urban Dictionary

A group of women discussing private matters openly and carelessly. (Noun, singular) Urban Dictionary

Indie band from dundee Scotland.Have had hits with wasted little dejays and same jeans. Their album cover is pretty and they are a fave band of mine = Urban Dictionary

Drake's highly anticipated album that let down millions of people all across the masses but still went platinum after a week... 6 God Urban Dictionary

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The word "views" in example sentences

Having put aside Christ's authority, she naturally puts aside _man's_, hence we have the creature who mannishly desires the suffrage and attends club meetings and argues, and has views -- _views_, Aunt Bell, on the questions of the day -- the woman who, as you have just succinctly said of your niece, 'believes she has a right to please herself!' ❋ Harry Leon Wilson (1903)

He knows not what he views, and yet purfues His defperate love, and bums for what he views* ❋ Unknown (1780)

• 100m page views• 30m page views for constituency results• An estimated 9m video plays• Mobile election site had 1m views ❋ Unknown (2010)

As my guest, he has, if anything, the prior claim to consideration; though I am far from saying that whatever views you may advance will not have equal weight with me, -- as _views_, mark you. " ❋ Various (N/A)

"I have no secret views, sir," said James, with a look of such sincerity that his master could not help believing him: "nor can I guess what you mean by _secret views_. ❋ Maria Edgeworth (1808)

Some of you will recognize this house as formerly the "Cross" home, a stunning Mexican contemporary with fantastic mountain views from the Terazza and panoramic views from the Mirador. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I am confident that if that difference in views is expressed to the American people as a whole, the vast majority will agree with me and not with you. ❋ Unknown (2006)

The term instrumental rationality is used because the definition views the actor as pursuing goals, to which he or she is committed for reasons irrelevant to the definition. ❋ Amitai Etzioni (1988)

Warner isn't discussing terms, but given the limited number of artists they're trying out here, it's easy enough to get the impression that the label views this primarily as a promotional deal, not one with big financial upside. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Allowing these controversial speakers to address their views is a testament not to their extreme views, but the views of our democracy and a world unified in the belief of free speech. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Anyone who shares their views is a stupid (insert abusive epithet), huh? ❋ Unknown (2010)

I say it because firing academics to punish them for their views is abhorrent. ❋ Unknown (2008)

It also raises the question of whether the acceptance of Harry Hay and his views is a snapshot of a larger, unspoken agenda that San Francisco Democrats want the national Democratic Party to eventually pursue when they return to a Congressional majority -- and the White House. ❋ Unknown (2006)

The publication of their views is a matter which we believe our readers will follow with the keenest interest. ❋ Unknown (1906)

But Rudd soon settled deep into a complicated routine about what he called his views on the mating habits of rodents: that is, he ploughed on, the things that rats do in a non-family values sort of way. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Also, depending upon what you define as views gone "missing" when working in views perpendicular to a detail or section, if the backwards crossing selection is utilized, a view can sometimes be inadvertently selected and moved/deleted. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"My views are many and varied, [none] can be particularly [boxed] into a [stereotype]" ❋ The Mamma With The Quan (2007)

Hey, are those [new] views? [I like] [em]! ❋ Karim - (2008)

"The [View]" [truly] is a [blind] [view]. ❋ Old School Bossman (2020)

[Rosie] O [Donnel] needs to shut the fuck up, and so do all the other women on [The View]. ❋ Chris Malice (2007)

[Check out] The View over there [bitching] about somebody [having a BBQ]. ❋ Slimenator (2020)

A: Honey, why is [Whoopi Goldberg] sitting at a table with a bunch of clucking hens? B: No dear, that's that one tv show I was talking about, it's called The View... now be quiet, I want to hear what [Barabra] [Walters] is saying. ❋ You Never Saw Me (2009)

I was waiting in [the doctor's] office and the stupid TV had nothing on but the View. That show ain't nothing but a [glorified] [Tupperware party] for celebrity bitches. ❋ I Saw U2 Live Twice (2007)

[Perhaps] The View over there should keep [the talk] about anal [on the down low]. ❋ Madame Sosostris (2006)

The View have had [the same] [jeans] on for 4 [days] now. ❋ Jessie Init (2007)

[Drake] stans:Yo [drake] just went [platinum] of views in like a week! Everyone else: do drake pay my bills doe... ❋ Senzu Beans For Days (2016)

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