Character 8
Hyphenation vis count
Pronunciations /ˈvaɪkaʊnt/

Definitions and meanings of "Viscount"

What do we mean by viscount?

A nobleman ranking below an earl or count and above a baron. noun

Used as a title for such a nobleman. noun

Formerly, an officer who acted as deputy of a count or earl in the management of the affairs of the county; the sheriff of a county. noun

A degree or title of nobility next in rank below that of earl, and immediately above that of baron. noun

An officer who formerly supplied the place of the count, or earl; the sheriff of the county. noun

A nobleman of the fourth rank, next in order below an earl and next above a baron; also, his degree or title of nobility. See Peer, n., 3. noun

A member of the peerage above a baron but below a count or earl. noun

A British peer who ranks below an earl and above a baron noun

(in various countries) a son or younger brother or a count noun

A member of the peerage, above a baron but below a count or earl.

Any of various nymphalid butterflies of the genus Tanaecia. Other butterflies in this genus are called earls and counts.

A delicious minty biscuit available in the UK. Fondly remembered for its hilarious TV adverts from years ago where actors with dodgy Russian accents played aristocrats bewailing their lack of them. Urban Dictionary

An ancient evil that changes form every so often. A master at manipulating others, creating discord, and spreading lies and deceit. Urban Dictionary

The act of doing a crap onto baking foil, wrapping it, freezing it and then pleasuring ones self with it A treat wrapped in foil just like the biscuits 😋 Urban Dictionary

Haughty and snobbish, the well dressed Viscount looms above mere mortals who supp and dine, and disdains desserts and after-dinner drinks because society calls. Word of his presence in the neighborhood is reason alone to leave directly after dinner, and to get on with the business at hand. Urban Dictionary

The act of an aristocratic man sodamizing his maid with a roll of quarters, then having another maid pass out the quarters to homeless children. All while the aristocrat lights a cigar with a roll of pasos. Urban Dictionary

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The word "viscount" in example sentences

Before we pull the rug out from under the Covingtons, Arthur especially, Terence needs to decide if he really wants the designation of viscount. ❋ Charlene Cross (1994)

Thus the word viscount was in Latin vice-comes, in itself a terrible admission. ❋ Various (1898)

'The viscount is not supposed to have been unrivalled in the young lady's favour. ❋ Unknown (1801)

But I held firm, and in the end I got a couple of old duchesses and something called a viscount (you don't pronounce the s, which I learned by putting my foot in my mouth) behind the one-way mirror. ❋ Unknown (2004)

The viscount is the one whose jewels you just stole. ❋ Laura Lee Guhrke (2002)

The wife of a marquess is a marchioness, the wife of an earl is a countess earl is the British equivalent of count, the wife of a viscount is a viscountess, the wife of a baron is a baroness. ❋ PAUL R. MARTIN (2002)

Now the viscount was a right rich man: so had he a rich palace with a garden in face of it; in an upper chamber thereof he had Nicolette placed, with one old woman to keep her company, and in that chamber put bread and meat and wine and such, things as were needful. ❋ Various (1885)

The viscount was the lion of the party, and his exclusive attention to the young heiress could not escape observation. ❋ Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte Southworth (1859)

A regular poultry yard, of which the viscount was the peacock. ❋ Henry Murger (1841)

My father and my mother shed tears; I hung on my uncle's neck, and begged him not to leave us; but the viscount was a man who never broke a promise or a resolution. ❋ Alexandre Dumas P��re (1836)

"It is from no personal ill-feeling towards the viscount, that is all I can say, sir," replied Danglars, who resumed his insolent manner as soon as he perceived that Morcerf was a little softened and calmed down. ❋ Alexandre Dumas P��re (1836)

Upon its publication in 1925, " On Elegance While Sleeping " launched Lascano Tegui, a self- appointed " viscount, " to the heights of literary fame, both in Argentina, where he was born, and in Paris, where he lived and worked as a diplomat, journalist and yes dental mechanic. ❋ Jessica Loudis (2010)

It must also be explained that the vassal princes were all dukes, marquises, earls, viscounts, or barons, according to the size of their states, the distinction of their clan or gens, and the length of their pedigrees; but the Emperor somewhat contemptuously accorded only the courtesy title of "viscount" to barbarian ❋ Edward Harper Parker (1887)

The word "viscount," besides being applied complimentarily to barbarian "kings" when they showed themselves in China, had another special use. ❋ Edward Harper Parker (1887)

In recognition of this civilized move on the part of an ancient family, Confucius in his history grants the rank of "viscount" to the King of Wu, but he does not style Ki-chah by the complimentary title Ki _Kung-tsz_, or "Ki, the son of a reigning prince"; that is, the king's title thus accorded retrospectively is only a ❋ Edward Harper Parker (1887)

I [vant].....I vant.....A [Viscount]. ❋ Brigante (2005)

....and [Viscount] told his [apprentice].... "You will soon become even [greater] than all your superiors combined". ❋ Vis (2005)

[Gave] myself a [viscount] [last night] ❋ The Milk Man Cometh (2020)

The party cancelled their order for coffee and cake and [called for] hats and [coats], once rumor became fact and it was confirmed that the Viscount was [on the prowl]. ❋ Chasethedoor (2011)

The [Viscount] of [LF] gave his maid Maria a Dirty Viscount after she stole some of his fine [brown liquor]. ❋ Young AD (2006)

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