Definitions and meanings of "Visitors"

What do we mean by visitors?

Someone who visits someone else; someone staying as a guest.

Someone who pays a visit to a specific place or event; a sightseer or tourist.

(usually in the plural) Someone, or a team, that is playing away from home.

A person authorized to visit an institution to see that it is being managed properly.

An extraterrestrial being on Earth for any reason.

An object which lands or passes by Earth or its orbit.

A head or overseer of an institution such as a college (in which case, equivalent to the university's chancellor) or cathedral or hospital, who resolves disputes, gives ceremonial speeches, etc.

The object in the visitor pattern that performs an operation on the elements of a structure one by one.

Simplified euphemism for blue balls. Blue Balls --> Two Thirds of Blue Man Group --> Visitors  Urban Dictionary

Known as Les Visiteurs in France. A kickass movie starring Jean Reno about an 11th century knight and his squire who are accidentally transported to modern times by a senile wizard. The plot centers around the nobleman's quest to return back to his own time by enlisting the help of his descendant. A cult classic in France. Its image has since been tarnished by "Les Visiteurs 2" and the American version "Just Visiting."  Urban Dictionary

Another name for a woman's period.  Urban Dictionary

The two male participants in a double vaginal penetration.  Urban Dictionary

Noun (plural keyboard visitors) (informal, derogatory) A person who state that they’d come to or visit a place in an online text-based discussion media, but at the same time does not bother to visit said place in real life, potentially due to being a good liar or downright laziness. downright abil  Urban Dictionary

Period. Menstruation. On the rag.  Urban Dictionary

When a guy gets a really obvious boner, tries to play it off, but everyone knows anyways  Urban Dictionary

A consenting, nonsexual male partner to a lesbian, for the purposes of keeping a heterosexual facade; the male equivalent of a Beard.  Urban Dictionary

A person that you sleep with for a couple of days. A two or three night stand.  Urban Dictionary

:an unwanted erection, often occurring at random during the worse time possible for example as your giving a presentation in front of class or as you wait inline for a rollercoaster.  Urban Dictionary

The word "visitors" in example sentences

How to use visitors in a sentence? Example sentences with the visitors, a sentence example for visitors, and how to make visitors in sample sentence, how do I use the word visitors in a sentence? How do you spell visitors in a sentence?

"helpful visitors 'yahooBuzzArticleHeadline ='" helpful visitors\ ''; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Article: Once the companies left with the good jobs: the American worker, now is forced to seek the jobs that have always been left to our \'helpful visitors\'. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Atop its platform trunk, skillfully constructed so that it blended into the camouflage of the branches, was an ancient rustic building that served mainly as a restaurant with a few rented rooms for short term visitors. ❋ Majliss Larson (2000)

The word "visitors" was rendered by the Translator as "guests/travellers/wanderers/searchers" before it ran out of synonyms searching its newly created self-program of the structure of the Mercan language. ❋ Lee Correy (1990)

To an unprecedented degree, market research about the needs, wants, fears, and anxieties of visitors is shaping how museums are designed. ❋ Mia (2009)

KELTO: And she says that financial support from overseas visitors is critical to their survival. ❋ Unknown (2010)

We have lived in Guadalajara for ten years and frequently have visitors from the US. ❋ Unknown (2010)

But Stormer described the grounds of the laboratory as campus-like, where access is easy and a guard at the gate waves in visitors and deliveries. ❋ Robert Barnes (2010)

The site is of particular interest to visitors from the U.S. ❋ Unknown (2010)

He had been away from England for almost a decade when he died and visitors from the old country were often regaled with his yearning for Chocolate Olivers. ❋ Richard Williams (2010)

Presenting different pages to a search engine than to ostensibly human visitors is a common technique that can be implemented using a variety of methods, including robots. txt, javascript, htaccess, IP address/user-agent recognition, etc. ❋ Unknown (2010)

I just had some visitors from the US, one a Mexican national friend that had been living in the US for about 24 years, and a friend of his from California. ❋ Unknown (2009)

They note their site's internal count of traffic, in terms of unique visitors, is almost as high as the New York Times at 45 million. ❋ Edward Helmore In New York (2010)

This is one of the many observations recently made by two pastoral visitors from the U.K. who were deputized by the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams. ❋ Unknown (2010)

[Jesse]: [Nooo] [Kayla] stop, I'm going to get visitors Kayla: *creepy smile* no you won't ❋ RyEng (2009)

The Visitors is [a funny] [movie]. [See] it..Okkkkkk ayyyyyyyy ❋ Juwanna Tinkle (2005)

I have an [unexpected] visitor, so we [cant] [have sex]. ❋ Shawty#1 (2006)

She couldn't wait to [spend] the [evening] with her two [distinguished visitors]. ❋ Littlemen (2012)

Don’t be a [keyboard visitor], why don’t you actually [drop by] and have [a meal] ❋ De Vos Cafe (2018)

[Elena] was rather [abrupt] in her answers, because she was entertaining her [monthly visitor] ... ❋ Queixa (2012)

The other day i saw a bunch of girls staring at me and [giggling]. Hey I [figured] it must be good. But when they started pointing at my crotch. Damn [I knew it] was an untimely visitor. ❋ Clare..and Of Course..eric Too. (2004)

"Check out Alyssa's Visitor's [Dugout], Dave." "Is he [the Visitor's] Dugout, or is she the Beard?" "Oh, [that's deep], bruh. " ❋ Love Button & Webb (2017)

"[Did you] see my [weekend visitor], man she was [hot]." ❋ Philip Schuchman (2008)

[Thomas]: Hey man can you go refil the soda? Jim: I'd love to but I have [an unwanted] [visitor]. Thomas: oh (gets refil) ❋ Toadzi11a (2013)

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