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Definitions of "voices"

  • Plural form of voice. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of voice. verb

The word "voices" in example sentences

And in allusion to the sounding of trumpets, and singing with thundring voices, and pouring out drink-offerings at those sacrifices, _seven trumpets are sounded_, and _seven thunders utter their voices_, and _seven vials of wrath are poured out_.. [Observations upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John]

Funny how the left is calling the voices from the crowd "extremists" because they don't follow the same liberal beat.. [Town hall meeting on health care turns ugly]

Probably something about the wildness of the voices is attractive to them.. ["For Children"]

So far as the majority of their acts are considered, crowds display a singularly inferior mentality; yet there are other acts in which they appear to be guided by those mysterious forces which the ancients denominated destiny, nature, or providence, which we call the voices of the dead, and whose power it is impossible to overlook, although we ignore their essence.. [The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind]

Facebook never runs out of groups echoing this kind of voices from the “moral high ground”.. [Global Voices in English » Hong Kong: “Compensated Dating” and the use of Pejoratives]

His openness to hearing those voices is all the more attractive at a time when Catholic numbers are growing so rapidly in the global South and when churches across the United States are being transformed by the Latino presence.. [Art and Literature]

The first thing you notice, when you look at the new Ad Week 25 list of Twitter advertising voices, is how few of them are the advertising faces -- the creative directors, the CMOs -- who drive this industry.. [Jeff Sweat: Do Advertisers Get Social Media?]

The lemkin voices were silent and they all stared at him.. [The Size of Things « A Fly in Amber]

“Woohoo!” came the faint call of their voices from the top of the hill.. [Rites of Passage « A Fly in Amber]

That was a very quiet South Elmsall living room, just the voices from the television and the soft-focus black and white images coming from the Smoke, from halfway around the world, and, time-delayed, from 240,000 miles above us.. [From Twitter 07-19-2009]

We had each other for eighteen precious months, and we were not lonely, for there was always a coming and going of leaders and comrades -- strange voices from the under-world of intrigue and revolution, bringing stranger tales of strife and war from all our battle-line.. [Chapter 20: A Lost Oligarch]

The voices from the web are just noise, whether they are positive or negative.. [It’s My Story And I’ll Cry If I Want To | Her Bad Mother]

Bite 'm! voices from the recovered audience were shouting.. [Chapter 5]

Community-building and the synergy of diverse voices is a strong intent of mine as a blogger.. [Archive 2010-03-01]

Polling opens a window and lets in voices we seldom hear.. [James Zogby: Arab Voices: Listening and Moving Beyond Myths]

Professor Pascal Belin, a cognitive neuroscientist at Glasgow University, said: Identifying voices is surprisingly important for people, especially on the telephone.. [Woman Unable To Recognise Voices Gives New Insights Into The Human Brain | Impact Lab]

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@Peston: What is extraordinary about the Brexit talks is that 27 EU countries, and a parliament and a bureaucracy have negotiated with a…


@armixerstan: This is how little mix lyrics and songs affect people, this is how little mix voices and harmonies affect people, this is…


If voices can be kissed i'd kiss your voice all night :(

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Motionless In White - Voices [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Motionless In White - Voices [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Chris Young - Voices (Official Video)
Chris Young - Voices (Official Video)
Stray Kids
Stray Kids "Voices" Performance Video

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