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Definitions of "volleys"

  • Plural form of volley. noun

The word "volleys" in example sentences

In a campaign marked by virtually instantaneous volleys from the two camps, the McCain campaign took a full day to issue an official response to the Maliki story, prompting speculation that his statements put Mr. McCain in an awkward position.. [Maliki Backs Obama’s Troop Withdrawal Plan - The Caucus Blog - NYTimes.com]

We saw the brutal volleys from the Obama camp, and most shockingly — the press — after Bush's noodle-armed serve of the “appeasement issue”, idiotically injecting himself into the presidential campaign.. [The Fall Of The House Of Bush]

Those in the cheese cellar heard three volleys from the Spitfires.. [THE JOHN McCORMICK STORY]

Frenchmen, fleeing to the safety of the palace, had been cut down by pursuing Spaniards who, in turn, had been repulsed by volleys from the Frenchmen already safe inside.. [Sharpe's Rifles]

(Laughter) As we came up the hill we were received by renewed volleys from the rifles and from two old brass cannons that had done duty in the Red River Rebellion.. [The Northland of Canada]

6. Step Into Your Volleys- Stepping into your volleys is a great way to make sure that you get shoulder turn and a lot more power into your volleys.. [Archive 2009-05-01]

The rest of these "volleys" are gonna be pisses in the wind by comparison.. [The volley continues - Westchester NC joins opposition]

A feud to me conjurs up "volleys" occuring between parties.. [Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]]

The basic idea is to pass a layered Photoshop file back and forth for ten "volleys", about one every 15 minutes.. [Mark Simonson Studio / Notebook]

The volleys are the rig'lars, who, you know, fire by word -- as long as they can. ". [The Spy]

Though the volleys injured several protesters, they continued to march on the square, and police retreated.. [Bahrain Is Calm; Talks to Resume]

But his footwork remained spotty, and after saving two set points thanks to a couple of volleys he conceded the first set 6-4.. [Nadal's Grand Slam Streak Ends]

Protesters collapsed on the ground with breathing problems amid the heavy volleys of tear gas.. [Anti-Mubarak protests grow violent in Egypt]

Protesters collapsed on the ground with breathing problems amid volleys of teargas.. [Cairo protesters in violent clashes with police]

The debate over climate issues often volleys between the argument between increased government regulation versus self-regulation by business.. [Singapore, the model of a low carbon, ICT-driven economy]

Police and stewards intervene to cool it down.47min: Within two minutes of the restart Rooney volleys in via an unintended Jordan Henderson flick-on.. [Old Trafford's day of discord]

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@SmithNewmanPE: Fifth graders used their skills in Volleyball-Four Square today. Serve underhand, then only forearm and overhead volleys…


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Thank you to the players ⁦@LansdownClub⁩ who came to our ‘power volleys’ workshop this week, it was great to talk t…


@btsportfootball: Munir 😳 Ramsey 😎 De Bruyne 😱 The Europa League and absolutely banging volleys... Name a more iconic duo 🔥 …

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