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Hyphenation wan ey
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The word "waney" in example sentences

Quoting from Horace Kephart's excellent book on woodcraft, an experienced man can tell a straight-grained log "by merely scanning the bark"; if the ridges and furrows of the bark run straight up and down the wood will have a corresponding straight grain, but if they are spiral the wood will split "waney" or not at all. ❋ Daniel Carter Beard (1895)

This machine trims off the rough edges of the "waney" boards by means of the four saws in the main frame of the machine.] [Illustration: Fig. 44. ❋ William Noyes (N/A)

A 13th century listed building now with with waney lap fencing and additional outline permission for a garage that has now turned into a residential plot. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Uppon a wreathe golde and sables, a demye-lyon gules, armed and langued azure crowned, supportinge a bale thereon a crosse botone golde, mantelled azure doubled argent, and for the supporters two pagassis argent, their houes and mane golde, their winges waney of six argent and azure. ❋ Robert Naylor (N/A)

About one-third of the boards of a log have rough edges, and are called "waney." ❋ William Noyes (N/A)

"Waney" is a good word, almost as good as "sensiation"; so when you try to quarter a log with which to chink your cabin or log house don't select a "waney" log. ❋ Daniel Carter Beard (1895)

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