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What does the word wanging mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word wanging in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with wanging and anagrams of wanging.

Definitions of "wanging"

  • Present participle of wang. verb

The word "wanging" in example sentences

Pardew is one of those familiar managers who believe in playing football "the right way", which invariably involves wingers wanging the ball into the penalty area in the direction of a target man.. [Newcastle United Premier League 2011-12 team guide]

Compiled by Unruly Media and edited by Josh1 Debris plunges through car windscreenReal or fake, prepare yourself for this.2 Swiss player shows how to take a penalty Thank you, and good evening.3 How to handle deadly snakesHe's wanging them about like leather shoelaces.. [Viral Video Chart: Lucky car escape, zookeeper defies death, Google Exodus]

At this point, I'm driving as inefficiently as possible, hammering the little car along two-lane roads, chirping the tires out of corners and wanging the engine until the fuel cutoff intercedes in nearly every gear.. [Mazda3 Really Moves the Needle (Not the Gas One)]

Camden Green Fair & Bikefest, LondonThis huge volunteer-run eco event reaches its 18th birthday, and a new Village Fete offering wellie-wanging, tug-o-war and "free-range organic egg-and-spoon races" means there's still scope for wacky fun despite its serious, adult message − that green living is for life.. [This week's new events]

It looked like they were obsessed to make those whizzing, whirling, wanging machines give them something no one else had given them.. [Our Obsession with Violence and Money--]

Midday, and the first Optek shots began wanging off the stone around us, and the shadow of my blimp drew above.. [The Year's Best Science Fiction 23rd Annual Collection]

Next morning I heard earlybird Garcia (who hadn't been at the rehearsal - had a gig, you know) wanging away something familiar sounding on the peddle steel.. [Friend Of The Devil]

Today, elsewhere on CIF, he's wanging on about protecting England's green and pleasant land.. [The Guardian World News]

The evening at The Barton was rounded off with some energetic wellie wanging, but I must admit that my own 4.2 metre wang left much to be desired.. [People's Republic of South Devon]

Living in Devon reminds me that it's important to have fun along the way, too, whether it's related to cooking up inventive dishes, or engaging in the age-old sport of 'wellie wanging' ... [People's Republic of South Devon]

I actually liked their silly, awful, Lynyrd Skynyrd by way of Zep II pointless to the point of cancelling-itself-out guitar-wanging.. [Drowned In Sound // Feed]

All of us PA readers are truely sorry for wanging your server.. [COMIXTALK]

In Britain and New Zealand, there is a light-hearted sport, known as wellie wanging, which involves throwing Wellington boots as far as possible.. [Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]]

It was about 40 inches, and people kept wanging into it because it was spinning.. [CrunchGear]

Then there are obstacle courses, den building, apple bobbing, leap frog, puddle jumping, treasure hunts and welly wanging.. []

The UK and New Zealand have their own versions of this sport (wellie wanging and gumboot throwing) but the first world championships were held in Finland in 1992, and over the years a real sport has evolved.. [BBC News | News Front Page | World Edition]

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I'm on @bbc5live at 21.30 talking about football... (just kidding: I'm actually going to be wanging on about the un…


@NatObsPod: Is it even Saturday if @TUFC1899 aren’t wanging 4 past some team from Surrey/Kent ?


@jacobrogers_16 @LongLiveBoomzie Nigga it was the music that got me , that shit was wanging in my ear telling me to catch some z’s😂🤣🤣

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Meghan beats Harry at welly-wanging in Auckland
Meghan beats Harry at welly-wanging in Auckland
Harry, Meghan join 'welly wanging' contest in New Zealand
Harry, Meghan join 'welly wanging' contest in New Zealand

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